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Alcoholism and it's effect on me! It has stolen the love of my life from me!
Close your mouth... stop the insanity. He's a man interrupted.

Trying to break old habits but never succeeding... Is this how you want to live?

"Let's talk, let's fix this", I say, as he abruptly pushes me away.

I peck and pick and peck till he snaps!

"I can't do this anymore... I'M NOT A WHORE!"

He won't leave cause he knows he's wrong.

Apologies in the morning and hate in the evening... this is what life has become.

We're nothing without each other!

I try to help but my help turns into hostility... PLEASE, I beg, choose me!

It's a demon called alcohol that's taken my love away and that demon won't give him back!

It's slowly killing him, day by day as I stand by, powerless to his affliction.

Ironically, I've been in his shoes with a different form of the devil's drug.

Addiction kidnaps your sanity and forces your ears to be deaf to your family's pleas... Forces your eyes to be blind to the hurt you're causing other people.

What do you do when you understand but that understanding is breaking you?

He has broken me.
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