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Why do people fear the dark? Most people dislike the shadow. They all deserve to die.
                George Price rose out of bed and removed his socks. That was his least favorite part of the day, the morning. Waking up was too much effort for a tired body, especially the body of a 20 year old college student. He walked over to his bathroom door and looked into the full body mirror that greeted him on the other side of the door. His face was rugged, he began to grow a small amount of stubble and his eyes were bloodshot, as they always were in the mornings. His dark brown hair hung down to the bridge of his knows, his full lips were chapped and dry. He poured the toothpaste onto the brush and slowly scrubbed his teeth.
                After showering he went to style his hair and put on his clothes. He checked the clock, 7:20, his class started at 7:45, he had time. He took another ten minutes to get his work together and then left the front door.He showed up in class two minutes before the first bell. Mr. Williams walked in and began the days lesson on fear. Yes, fear. The class was Physcology.
"What are some common fears?" Mr. Williams asked roughly fifteen minutes into class.
George raised his hand "Fear of the dark?" he said.
"Correct Mr. Price, in fact that may be one of the most common fear out there."
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