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An advertising agency executive attends a seminar in Rio with his beautiful boss.

Stifling her yawn, Julia looked around with embarrassment, hoping that no one paid notice. All morning, she had been struggling to keep her drowsiness at bay and concentrate on what the speaker on the podium presented. When will be the coffee break, she wondered. Languor and lassitude clouded both her mind and body after the exertions of the previous evening which had carried on till the wee hours of the morning. The memories brought a smile to her lips and she looked around for Kevin who had been an equal participant in the escapade. Seated one table away, he seemed to be engrossed in the presentation as the renowned psychologist explained the nuances of a housewife’s mind and how that understanding could be used to design a communication campaign.

“That brings an end to my presentation. I will field any questions now,” announced the speaker.

Julia smiled when Kevin’s hand shot up. Always eager, always keen, she thought.

An attendant brought the mike to Kevin. “I am Kevin Bacon, head of Media operations at an advertising agency called The Jukebox. We are based out of New York and specialize in designing low cost advertising budgets for startup companies. I have an observation.The Research techniques you suggest are fascinating but expensive. I wonder how we can use them when communication budgets are seeing cuts all around."

“A very pertinent question, Mr. Bacon. You will see that not all the techniques I presented are necessary for all businesses…”

Aahs and oohs of appreciation were heard several times as Kevin and the speaker engaged in an intellectual duel which enhanced the learning of the erudite audience.

“My God, Kevin. You’re really into it, aren’t you? I guess the claps at the end were for you as well,” gushed Julia at the coffee break.

“That is what you pay me for, Julia.”

Munching on a cookie, Julia watched the tall and handsome Kevin, a key Executive of The Jukebox, the advertising company she owned. She had a strong urge to caress his wavy blonde hair and gaze into his sincere blue eyes. She wanted to press her lips against his. So soft and kissable, she remembered. Sighing inwardly, she looked the other way. “How come you weren't drowsing. You hardly slept.”

He winced. “Somebody could hear.”

“I don't care.”

He pointed to his ring. “I am married, Julia.”

“And am I single? You know about my husband and my children, don't you?”

Kevin shrugged helplessly at a female participant who stared at them from the side. “The company, I mean you are paying for this seminar so that we learn something. We came all the way to Rio to attend this conference. It’s best we make good use of the opportunity.”

She grinned. "Yes. That is exactly what I'm saying. Make good use of the opportunity." She caught his furtive looks upon her bosom, where with the top buttons of her blouse undone, he could clearly see her cleavage.

"Unless, of course, you don't want me again. In that case, our relationship could remain strictly professional."

He looked aghast. “Of course, I want you. You’re beautiful, intelligent, sexy.”

“And don't forget, I'm also your boss,” she said with a giggle, amused with the bewildered look on his face.

When the seminar was over for the day, she sought him out. He was surrounded by a bevy of female participants. Seeing her, he excused himself and hurried across to her.

A naughty smile formed on her lips. "Quite the ladies' man, I can see."

He shuffled on his feet."Not quite what you think. Just sharing of ideas on low cost advertising options."

"Have your fun, loverboy. Don't make me wait long."

She walked away with a seductive gait knowing that his eyes were pasted on her shapely hips that stretched the satin fabric of her pencil skirt.


It was Julia’s idea that Kevin and she travel to Rio de Janeiro to attend the seminar conducted by the International Association of Consumer Behavior. The last few months had been hectic and she felt they could do with the break. However, the absence of their families and the liberal environment of the world's fun capital ignited passions between them and they wound up together in bed.

Blame it on Rio! Julia thought as she stepped under the shower of the luxury suite of the famous Copacabana Hotel. Arching her head back, she allowed the warm water to cascade down her orbs. Her hands worked up a rich lather and her curvy body loved the silky feel of the suds. She lifted the spout and pointed it between her inner thighs. Pleasure seeped through her body when the jet hissed against her love-pearl. Leaning against the wall, she supported her raised foot against the glass door of the enclosure and moved the warm stream agains the length of her aching slit. She halted her imminent climax by abruptly ending her self-pleasuring, wanting to conserve her desire for the real games of the evening.

Julia emerged from the bathroom draped only in a towel, exposing the upper swell of her fabulous breasts. She saw Kevin stand by the window which overlooked the world famous Avenida da Atlantica and the Copacabana beach. Only minutes from setting, the sun's orange hues formed magnificent patterns over the sea waters.

She stood next to him. “Enchanting, isn’t it?”

He nodded. “I will miss this. Our last evening in Rio. Tomorrow, back to maddening New York.” He put his arm around her bare shoulders.

“I've changed the plans."

He scrunched his eyebrows.

“I extended our stay by a week.”

“What do you mean? Sarah…”

“Don’t worry.I have spoken to her personally. Told her that some important meetings have come up here and you need to stay back with me.”

“And John?”

“He was pretty cool about it. Said something like work comes first.”

“You’re mad, Julia. There are shit loads of work at the office. We can’t waste time cavorting like teenage lovers. Gimme a break.”

She put a finger over his lips.“Shh…” With his arms folded, he appeared like a petulant child, but when she looked at him with her big blue expressive eyes, he took her in his embrace. Their lips locked in a deep kiss.

He tugged at the knot of the towel and it puddled at their feet. She slipped his tee shirt of his head and pressed her breasts against his manly chest. His hands snaked down her back and squeezed the soft cheeks of her bottom.

Julia kneeled down and unclasped his trousers. When she pulled down his underpants, his rod sprang up in front of her face. Holding the uncircumcised beauty in her hands, she showered its head with soft kisses. She rolled her tongue across its length and twirled it around the soft foreskin. Lustful moans and slurping sounds filled the room as the sky turned a bright orange and the sun commenced its descent into the waters of the Atlantic.


“My God! What a view!” exclaimed Kevin.

Julia smiled at his childlike enthusiasm as he clicked photos of the breathtaking scenes from the cable car which carried them across to the famous Pao De Acucar or Sugar Loaf Mountain, one of Rio’s premier attractions.

The carefree Brazilian atmosphere seemed to impact Kevin and several times he hugged and kissed his married boss. Julia had selected her attire for the day after careful thought. She wanted to show some skin and provoke her partner and her plan was succeeding well. She wore a thigh-length halter top skirt. Its bright yellow material matched the Brazilian national color and it displayed ample cleavage. She felt sexy and desired because several male eyes devoured her, but Kevin's lurking eyes on her bosom delighted her the most.

They reached the Sugar Loaf Mountain after an exhilarating ride through the clear blue skies. They hopped out of the cable car holding hands, giggling and blushing like teenage lovers. Choosing to break away from their group, they discovered an isolated ledge overhanging from the rocks. He jumped onto it easily and coaxed her. “Come on.”

Tentatively, she leapt, falling right into his outstretched arms. Neither of them made any effort to disentangle.

“You look so hot, Julia. I can hardly take my eyes off you,” he mumbled into his ears. She felt his warm breath upon her exposed shoulders while his hands roamed over her bare back.

“I’ll be happy if you don’t. These sexy Cariocas give me a complex!”


She chuckled. “You weren’t listening to the guide in the bus.”

“Don’t tell me you were?”

“Of course. Carioca is a woman who is born in Rio.”

"In that case, you were also not listening. Carioca means any man who is born in Rio as well. It's me who should be worried," Kevin retorted, plunging a finger into her cleavage.

Julia held his face in her hands. “You have nothing to fear,” she said. Their mouths locked in a deep kiss.

They settled down upon the rocky shelf. She rested her head on his left chest. He ran his fingers through the tendrils of her blonde, tousled
hair. Every now and then he would tip his face and kiss her head. The hem of her short dress rode up and he caressed her tanned thigh.

Normally, his touches would set her body on fire, but at that moment, nestled deep in the shade of the mountains from where Rio looked like a
miniature model, the cool air teasing her face, Julia listened to the gentle beat of her lover’s heart. The rhythmic sound played upon her
ears like sweet music, reminding her of her own existence, because love and passion had bonded their hearts together.


“Yes, baby.”

“You must be hungry. Let’s get you some food. And then we still have to see Christ the Redeemer.”

“Can’t we stay a little bit longer?”

“It isn’t advisable, baby. Rio could be dangerous and we don’t want to get mugged, do we?”

With a deft move she sat astride him with her legs folded. She pressed her lips against him and rubbed her butt over his hardness which responded immediately by swelling inside the constraints of his clothes.

He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. “What do you have in your mind?”

“I need you inside me. A quickie,” she uttered into her ears.

He looked astonished. "Here?"

Julia read him well. It was only a pretense, his arousal jutting against her butt betraying his need. In any case, she didn't give him much time to react. She released his engorged shaft, pulled aside the tiny fabric of her thong and enveloped him inside her searing heat.


Christ the Redeemer could be reached either by road or by rail. Julia and Kevin opted for the quaint train which took them past breathtaking scenes inside some deep woods. They sat together holding hands. After their romantic interlude at Pao De Acucar, Kevin had grown even more deeply attached to Julia and he couldn't bear the thought of letting her out of sight even for a moment.

His heart was grateful for her physical proximity because their bodies in close contact communicated the unspoken language of love and affection. Completely oblivious to his surroundings, he was engrossed in admiring Julia's beauty and her youthful enthusiasm, as she watched with unconcealed joy the scenic beauty outside the train.

When she caught his intent gaze, she asked him a silent what by raising her eyebrows. He responded by brushing away the unruly locks of hair that fell over her blue eyes and leaned forward and softly kissed her lips. Perhaps, completely taken aback by his uncharacteristic display of emotion in public, her cheeks reddened making her even more desirable. Filled with immense tenderness, he caressed her lovely face.

Christ the Redeemer turned out to be an extraordinary spectacle. In a desperate attempt to capture the sprawling image on his camera, Kevin tried a variety of acrobatics like lying on his back and clicking from various angles. He then approached the statue, holding Julia's hand, kneeled down before it and prayed.

"I've never seen you pray with such intensity before. What did you ask for?" Julia asked on their way back to the hotel.

"That we may live and die together," he replied promptly. When she turned away her face, he knew it was to conceal the moistness in her eyes. "After what has happened between us on this trip, I can't bear the thought of ever losing you, Julia."

They were both relieved to be back in Julia's luxury suite late that evening. She slumped upon the comfortable armchair."I'm really tired."

She looked bewildered when Kevin squatted on the floor before her. He took her right leg in his lap, removed her shoe and gently massaged the foot. "That feels so nice, honey," she muttered. He repeated the same action with her other feet.

He made her stand and untied the knot of her halter, which fell to the floor. "Now what do we have here," he asked rubbing her mound after he had pulled down her thong.

"What?" she asked.

"You need a shave.Come."

Kevin led her to the bathroom and made her sit on a stool. He ran the bath so that it would be ready by the time they were through. She spread her legs and he lathered her generously. With gentle strokes of the razor he shaved the tiny golden undergrowth that had formed. After completing, he dipped a sponge in the warm water of the bath and wiped her vagina clean. The smooth lips seduced him and he touched them, marveling the soft skin. He kissed there several times. Tempted by the heady scent of her arousal, he began to eat her.

He rolled his tongue over the length of her slit and twirled it around her clit, making her moan and writhe. Occasionally, he raised his head to watch the impact he produced. She was a Venus in heat with her shapely breasts, blonde hair and lush curves. Delighted that he pleasured someone as beautiful, his tongue delved even deeper into her womanhood. She rewarded his efforts with an explosive orgasm, drenching his mouth with her sweet spends.

The bath was ready. He rose and shed his clothes and helped her to her feet. They slid down into the water together and he pulled her onto his lap. He sat her facing away from her with her back upon his chest. He spread his legs so she had ample room to slide back against him. When the wet skin of her back touched his chest, a further jolt of excitement jumped through his body. He wrapped his arms around her tightly as they soaked and enjoyed the intimacy.

He felt her hands running along his legs while his hands began to rub her shoulders. The silky feel of her soft skin under his hands encouraged him to explore more of her beautiful body. His hands found their way down her neck, until they finally slid under her arms and wrapped around her full breasts. Tweaking her nipples, he planted sensuous kisses on the back of her neck. She turned her head so their lips met. Slowly, she turned her body to face him, wrapped one arm around his broad shoulders and pulled herself up so her rounded-jewels were level with his face. He supported her hips upon his hands while she fed her breast into his mouth for him to suck and nibble.

Kevin felt his seed boil inside him. He needed to be inside the warmth of her womanhood. He wrapped one arm around her back to hold her in position and grasped his arousal with the other hand. Gently, he lowered her body until the tip of his shaft touched the entrance to her core. He jabbed it inside her and felt her take charge, easing herself on to him millimeter by millimeter, until he was finally buried within her unyielding softness. The water thrashed about in the tub as she bobbed up and down upon him, her arms clasped upon his neck. Though the water was warm, he could still perceive the distinct heat of her vagina as it nibbled and massaged his shaft, generating exquisite friction. Her body shuddered with an explosive orgasm and she crushed her breasts against his chest and sucked upon his lips with all her force. Soon after, he came bellowing like a bull and spilled his seed into her womb. They stayed inside the bath, clinging to each other for a long time, enjoying the warmth and softness of their bodies.

When they finally rose, he toweled her body gently, as if she were the most delicate creature in the world. His attentiveness brought a smile to her lips. Holding hands they came out of the bathroom. He was selecting the dress she should wear for the cocktail party organized by the hotel that evening when his phone rang. The phone was next to Julia and she picked it up.

"It's Sarah," she said.

"My God!" he exclaimed and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"What happened?"

"I forgot to call her today."

"How could you?" she chided.

He rolled his eyes. "Don't you know? I was so engrossed in you today that I hardly even thought of her."

She gave a throat laugh and answered the phone. "Hi, Sarah."

"Hey, Mom. How are you? How is Rio treating you?"

"It's a beautiful city, darling. You should see it some day."

"Both of you deserved this break. Is Dad around?"

"Sure." She looked at her husband. "Sarah wants to talk."

Kevin picked up the phone from his wife. "How are you, sweetheart?"

Julia's eyes sparkled with affection seeing Kevin converse with their daughter, Sarah and then with their son, John. Her mind went back to that fateful day in their office, a week before they left for Rio.


"Have you seen this?" Julia asked, sliding a brochure across the table.

"Sounds interesting," Kevin commented after reading about the forthcoming seminar in Rio of The International Association of Consumer Behavior.

"I have made bookings for both of us."

"Can we afford it? We are on a cost cutting drive in the company," he reasoned.

"I am not charging the company."

He raised his eyebrows.

"I want to make this trip for personal reasons," she explained. She had been preparing for this moment for a long time but she felt her courage failing. She pulled in a deep breath while he eyed her with curiosity. "There is something I meant to speak with you for a long time."

"What is it, Julia?" he asked, when she remained silent.

He got up from his chair with a start. "Hey, wait! Are you seeing someone?"

She shook her head. "No, I am not. But the way our marriage is, both of us surely will."

"What do you mean? What's wrong with our marriage?"

"There is no passion. Your life centers around Sarah, John and your work. I don't even remember when we last made love."

He came across to her side of the table and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Things have been difficult around here. You know that, don't you?"

"I want us to go to Rio as two single individuals. Each one of us should forget the existence of the other and try and have as much fun as possible."

He gently rubbed her nape."And how shall that help?"

"I don't know. Maybe, we shall both know whether we can be happier without each other. I don't want marriage to be like a millstone around our necks."

"So are you saying that we get separated.?"

"Yes, if we are happier without each other. Promise me something, Kevin. You'll be truthful with me just as I shall be with you. It's better we face this now rather than later because a relationship cannot last long without passion. It will be bad for us and for the children if it goes to a situation where we cheat and hurt each other," Julia explained.

There was a long pause. Kevin returned to his seat, placed his elbows on the table and buried his face in his hands. He remained like that for a long time.before he again raised his head. "I never realized that our marriage had reached such a stage. Probably, you're right."

"See you in Rio, Kevin!"

Kevin rose and walked out of her office. He stopped at the door and turned. "Does it mean that we're free to have an affair."

"Absolutely. That is the idea."

After Kevin left, Julia kept thinking for a long time. She knew that she had taken a huge risk. The ease with which he agreed meant that he looked forward to meet someone interesting now that he had her approval. She had actually forced him into some other woman's arms, but eventually that would have happened anyway. This might just be the spark that could bring him back to her. She loved him so much and it was a chance she had to take. For herself. For Sarah. For John.

It was almost an hour before he hung up. He came and stood behind his wife, watched her clasp an earring.

He pulled her into his arms. "Julia, I love you so much. If you wouldn't have brought me here, I would never have realized how much I was missing out on."

She smiled.

"You really gave me a hard time, baby."


"Of course. You checked into the flight separately. That dress you wore that day was so sexy. That idiot sitting next to you kept hitting at you all the time."

She laughed. "Was that when you realized what a sexy wife you have?"

"And in the seminar. Your low cut blouses drove everyone crazy. You should dress like that when we are at home?"

She turned toward him. "I am a wife, a mother and the President of a company. I can't be dressing like a bimbo all the time. I don't mind doing that for you occasionally when you take me out for a holiday. And why should that bother you when you know you can have these anytime." She took his hands and placed them on her breasts.

"We wasted money on my room, Julia. I didn't spend a single night there."

She laughed. "You were allover me on the welcome party the first evening. I'm surprised that you didn't find anyone as attractive. You were quite a hit with the women."

"As a matter of fact I did. But when I saw you flirting with other men something snapped in my mind. I realized that it was only you I wanted. I was seeing you after a long time in an evening dress with stiletto heels."

"That is because you never ever ask me out these days, husband."

"I've been such an ass, Julia. I know I neglected you. I'm sorry, darling.I can't even dream of life without you." He wrapped his arms around her.

"What do you say that we abandon the cocktail party and celebrate in the room," she suggested.

He nuzzled his nose against the white skin of her long neck. "A brilliant idea, boss."

"Don't call me that, please. It sounds so unromantic."

"There's a problem."

"Now what?"

"I wonder how I am going to keep my hands off you at the office."

"By having as much of me as you can when you have the chance," she retorted.

"After Rio, my hunger for you is almost insatiable.I will still need you at the office."

Her eyes sparkled with mischief. "In that case, I will press sexual harassment charges, Mr. Bacon."

"And I shall press for my conjugal rights, Mrs. Bacon."

"Why don't you claim them right now?"

"Good idea." He pressed his lips against hers.

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