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A girl woke up in a horror by a gunshot sound. What happened?
Dang! A terrible sound of a fired bullet woke me up, followed by a pitiful dying cry. The cry that begged to be left alive. Was it real or just my dream? That must be a gunshot sound. I looked at the ceiling, made sure that i was just awakened from a horrible dream. Everything was black, dark and silent. I was blindfolded. A threatening atmosphere surrounded me. I try to lift up my body, but my body couldn't move.

I tried to move my hands, it's frozen. my body seemed to be a dead meat. I can't even breathe freely. I was stuck to my bed. Then, I took a breath to calm myself down. Step by step, I can feel my hands, move it slowly, and get up. I checked my surroundings. I was on my bed.

I tried to find my glasses, hoped it's still reachable. Finally I got it, but it didn't help much. I just saw a black, dark room with no end. I opened my mouth, calling my family, but my lips didn't move. I'm absolutely sure it wouldn't make any sound even though I could open it. I moved my leg, trying hard to get off from my bed. Slowly they moved down to the floor. When my toes touched the floor, a cold, freezing breeze bit them. I pulled them with no time. Shocked. I took a breath again, and tried again. I tried to touch the floor when something broke the silence.

Someone knocked the door.

I frightened. My breath stopped, and my heart shocked. Who's that? I couldn't respond. My body froze in a second.

He knocked the door again.

I was unable to respond, even tried to hide. My eyes focused on the door. If he saw me, he would kill me in a second. I'm standing in in the edge of life. I'm facing the death. I stood between the life, and death.

I hope it won't open.
I'm not sure it's locked either.

He tried to open it, and we realized it didn't locked. He opened the door smoothly and slowly. I held my breath. This is the real edge of life.

to be continued.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1675368