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The door has opened (part 1) but who's there? What happened to the girl?
I held my breath.

My heart stopped beating, my eyes stared the door as it opened, didn't blink at all.

Now the door is widely open. The bright light flooded into the room like leaky dam. I couldn't see anything for a while, but I couldn't close my eyes. I froze, still as a stone. The second after will be my fate, died - or alive. I am facing the destiny, the last fate of mine, frozen as an ice, with eyes opened. Then when I could see what happened, I terribly shocked for what I had to face now. My eyes has adapt in bright conditions, but actually it's better for me to know nothing, than facing the truth. It's much better to be blind than facing this fact, the fact that changed the shock to a great fear.

There was nothing.

Nothing in front of the door. No footmark on the floor. There's even no sign of a person that has opened the door.

I felt dead.

It's really out of my prediction. I couldn't respond any tiny move. A cold breeze came and touched my face. I felt scared. My heart suddenly beats so fast. Breathing hard as to follow the rhythm of the heart. I know someone, or something, was glaring at me. I felt alone, scared, lived in a eternal fear that won't vanish forever.

It was silent.

I have to go out from here. I can't stay at this threatening place. I have to run away. But my body didn't respond what I want. It still frozen. I couldn't even feel my hands, my feet, and my body. Then, I took a deep breath, then carefully got off from my bed. I walked carefully and cautiously, to the opened door. I didn't have any weapon to defend myself, my life. I walked like a prey waiting to be hunted. Every step took me closer to the death. Every second my heart beats faster, and my eyes couldn't close. I thought my reflexes didn't work at all. Now I am in front of the door.

There was only one lamp. The rest is black, dark room. I looked around, with fear. I see that there's another bright room, little far away, and to get there, I should pass a long, dark alley. I felt a great fear, definitely won't go through the alley to the next bright room. Suddenly I found a rifle gun next to my feet. It's been used by someone, but there're still some bullets inside. I wasn't sure that it is the weapon that made the loud sound earlier. If so, then there should be a corpse. May be the corpse has been removed, but I hear nothing after the gunshot sound. It's almost impossible to move a corpse with no sound.

I touched the rifle gun. It's warm. I hold it with hesitate, then decided to took it with me. I began walking to pass the alley when suddenly the smell of stench blood surrounds me. It became stinging in seconds.

Then, suddenly a hand appeared and pulled me into the darkness.

A hand, covered with blood.
I couldn't see neither the face nor his body. I shocked, but couldn't respond.

My rifle gun seemed useless. I couldn't do anything to run away or do something to defend myself.

I was just like a powerless prey that caught up with the predator.

To be continued.


The sound of life, sense of death part 2 - finished.
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