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Bethany Potts is in labour. The baby is coming and she can't wait to see it.
          “Beth, I need you to push harder now,” said the midwife.
         “Where’s Jack?” said Beth, trying to sit up, “I want Jack!”
         “Your husband is coming but right now I need you to push very hard, ok? On three. One – two – three.”
         Bethany gripped the bed sheets and squeezed, letting out a terrible scream.
         “That’s good, nearly there, and another.”
         She screamed again as the pain tore through her, sending her dizzy and gasping for breath.
         “I’m here,” said Jack taking her hand. Bethany barely noticed.
         “Ok, one last time, make this a big one! One – two – three.”
         Clenching Jack’s hand, she pushed, teetering on the edge of consciousness.
         “Well done,” said the midwife, “It’s a boy.” She carefully placed the baby in Bethany’s arms and left the room.
         Bethany looked down to see an empty space.
         “Isn’t he beautiful,” said Jack, looking into her arms.
          Bethany patted the area where the baby was meant to be.
        “I don’t understand,” she said, “where’s my baby?”
         “He’s right here,” he said, pointing to the empty covers of the bed.
         “What’s going on?” she screamed, “I want my baby!
         “Shhhh,” said Jack softly, “you’ll wake him.” 

Word Count:  194
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