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This is a list of reasons why I like my religion.
There are many reasons why I like my religion.

1.) We are active bible readers. I read the bible everyday.

2.) We are not tolerable of our ministers molesting little children.

3.) We have read scriptures that prove that there is no such thing as the ''trinity''. The word trinity is not even in the bible!!

4.) There are scriptures that prove that evolution is a false theory and is founded on nothing. This idea has nothing to prove its point.

5.) We are a worldwide brotherhood with about 7 million plus members.

6.) There is no other religion that actively works to fulfill the prophesy at Matthew. 28:19,20.

7.) When Natural Disasters occurs, we have a relief work committee. They are First Responders.

8.) There is no collection plate passed around during service. Rather there is a contribution box in the back. You can put in your donations freely. No one judge's you on how much you put in there.

9.) As active bible readers, we know the true origin of holidays. They have pagan, unnatural, and ungodly beginnings.

10.) We are aware of the prophesy being fulfilled at 2 Timothy 3:1-5
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