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This is a patient's true story about Indian Culture
Why I got my Hymen fixed? “Hymenoplasty before Marriage in India” “Revirgination” at Chandigarh
This is a patients true story which she put on Dr Tejinder Bhatti’s  blog 3 months after the procedure.
“I come from a modern family in India. My father shifted to USA in 1965 and married my mother also an Indian by origin in the year 1978. I was born in Connecticut in 1986.
In the USA I mostly had Americans (Whites) as friends and like most of my classmates, we did go out for dates. Though my father never liked my company with boys, my mother was very supportive. Just like some other teenage friends, I too had my ups and downs and had an abortion done at the age of 17 years. Anyone in USA would say I was a typical American teenager.            In American society, loosing virginity before marriage  does not come as a surprise anymore these days. Many women lose their virginities at an early age, more so in this modern world of ours. It doesn’t come as a surprise anymore that the girl a boy is marrying is most likely not a virgin. In “40 year old Virgin” the Movie, nobody believed that the main actress Andy is still a virgin.

However, Virginity is, in some cultures (like Indian) , still considered a precious possession.
When I turned 23 and after having finished my Masters in Chemical Engineering at Boston, my parents announced they had arranged a match for me. A rich Indian businessman from a prominent Indian family with loads of money. He even had a private house at the beach in Goa. What a torment I went through is no-one’s business. Surely my parents, like most others from India, were worried now about my upbringing in modern US society. I am sure the boy was not a virgin, but his mother raised the question of my virginity at the first meeting. I would have let go, if it were not for my father who was keeping very unwell and wanted me to marry in India into a “good family”. I gave in on his persistence thinking he had my well-being in mind.
The boy was good and I did hit it off with him and we have been married for the past one year rather happily.He owns half the tea estates and resorts in East India. I never regret marrying him but what I regret is the procedure I was compelled to go under before my marriage.
Searching the net I discovered that I could get a “revirgination” procedure done at India a week before the marriage at Chandigarh, India.
I did a lot of net search and found that  revirgination is a set of different plastic surgeries and exercises intended to make you look and feel like a virgin once again. Vaginal surgery, which is one of revirgination's fastest growing segments, forms the core of revirgination.
Revirgination, today, is said to be the second fastest growing segment in a plastic surgeon’s practice in India. The newspapers in India are an indicator that the business is booming.
So I went to the leading plastic surgeon where my ancestral house in Chandigarh is. Dr Tejinder Bhatti performs expert hymen repair surgery: hymenoplasty, hymenorrhaphy or restoration of the hymenal ring. When I reached his office, he had just finished with a similar surgery. India might look like a conservative society but on the undersurface, a complete new emancipation is underway. The next generation is more American than us Americans. Dr Tejinder Bhatti does on average 2-3 hymenoplasties a day. Such is the demand for this surgery. And unlike in the US, its not for pleasure, but a societal emergency before marriage. Using different surgical techniques, he can repair and tighten the hymen to a more intact, virgin-like state. In most cases, the surgery is virtually undetectable after healing. Dr Bhatti’s staff explained that the best time is 7-10 days before the wedding.
I did some more research and here are some excerpts-
1.          The hymen is a thin, delicate membrane. You can compare it to skin but much thinner and consisting of elastic and fibrous tissue. It partially covers the opening (introitus) of the vagina in most girls. It is a remnant from the development as a foetus, of the membranes of the vagina and urogenital sinus at their point of fusion.
In younger women, the hymen is very vascular. In menopausal women it has become very thin. In adult virginal women, the hymen surrounds the vaginal opening more or less completely.
2.          The biological function of the human hymen is still uncertain. Scientists hypothesize that it protects the vagina from infection in infants. It has to be incomplete, in order to allow the outflow of menstrual blood at the onset of puberty.
The social function of the hymen, however, has been and still is a mythical symbol of virginity in many cultures.
3.          Rupture of the hymen normally occurs during first intercourse (coitus) or rape. But many girls and teens tear, or otherwise dilate, their hymen for instance:
During sports like bicycling, horseback riding, gymnastics etc.
Inserting tampons.
4.          In case of a wide or elastic hymen, the hymen may not be lacerated even with repeated coitus, particularly in case of a thin penis. In fact, many cases of pregnancy have been reported in women in whom the hymen has not been ruptured.
Some women are born without even a trace of a hymen.
5.          The term "virgin" typically means someone who has never had sexual intercourse, specifically the penis entering the vagina.
A man loses his virginity the first time his penis enters the vagina. Similarly, a woman loses her virginity the first time a penis enters her vagina
Being a virgin is not about whether a woman's hymen is intact or broken. Restoring virginity, for that matter, is not possible.
It used to be that on her wedding night, if a woman's first sexual intercourse was painful and left blood on the sheets, this was proof that she was a virgin.
So the final day came on 23 June, 2009 just one week before my wedding.
Dr Tejinder Bhatti examined me very politely alongwith the nurse and said I had a very very flimsy hymen left and he would need to fill in with a flimsy biomaterial membrane to reconstruct my hymen. The cost of hymenoplasty revirgination is just Rs 56,000/- (USD 935)
I underwent the procedure under local anaesthesia. Some jelly was applied to numb the part and the doctor very nimbly and without causing any pain, did the surgery in less than an hour.
I drove back home.
The next day the ceremonies for the marriage started in real earnest and I was very anxious about the wedding night. Being Hindus, our marriage happens at midnight.
Me and my husband Terry retired to our 5 start hotel suite at 4 AM (very early in the morning) dead tired. Consummation of the marriage, though weighing heavily on his mind, he did not have the energy for it that day. We spoke a while and dozed off only to be woken at 9 AM for tea and then his parents who came in to see if all was well. When Indian parents ask their son this question, the meaning is only one- “Was she a virgin!” Haha!! My husband was distressed by this question lest his inability to consummate be regarded as impotence! That was very funny.
The next night, I feel out of societal compulsions, he had to do the act! Well, it could have been more enjoyable had the hymenoplasty not been weighing heavily on my mind. And yes, I did BLEED and the white sheet did get stained!
And we live happily ever after.
So much for Indian Culture! And so much for the Land of the Kama Sutra!!
But I am a happily wedded wife in India……”
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