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by June
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The saga continues...
I Hook By Night -- a Crochet Soap
© Copyright 2000, 2001 by P. June Diehl

Segment 5

"This is looking very good. Your stitches are nice and uniform!" Janice handed Alicia's work back to her. "Now for a new stitch."

Janice took about 5 minutes and worked with Alicia on the double crochet. Alicia was a fast learner and she concentrated on her newest stitch in silence. After completing a couple of rows of double crochet Janice showed her eager student how to do the treble crochet.

Janice watched her student's hands for a few minutes and then turned to her own work. Thoughts of her lunch meeting with Jefferson flooded her mind, especially the part when Jefferson noticed her crocheted bag and complemented her. She was so excited about getting the commissioned work. She had sold some of her work in the past, mostly to close friends.

"Janice, I think this new stitch is looking uniform," Alicia's voice broke Janice's train of thought. "I will practice all of the stitches tonight and in the morning. Are we going on our field trip tomorrow?"

Janice laughed, "Yes! I have already called Randy and he is expecting us. Can you meet me at 2 PM tomorrow at this address?" Janice handed Alicia a piece of paper.

Alicia glanced at the address. "Yes. I know where this is located. Near the downtown shops. The time is perfect. I do not have any massage patients from noon until 4:30 PM."

"It must be nice to set your own schedule with your patients! I wish I could do that, or work from home some days. Which reminds me, I need to finish working on the telecommuting proposal I started about 3 months ago and never had time to finish."

"If you could work from home a couple days a week I could meet you there for lunch and we could avoid meeting here!"

Janice shook her head. "We'll just have to wait and see. Jefferson does not even know I wish to propose working from home two days a week. I really have no idea how receptive he'll be to the idea."

"With any luck, he'll go for it."

"Well, I had better start back to work. I have two stacks of paper waiting for me to edit that is due by 10 AM tomorrow. Your crochet is looking great. Just keep practicing!"

"Thanks, Janice. I am really looking forward to the field trip tomorrow. I'll have some extra money and I would love to buy several crochet patterns that I can start crocheting."

"I am sure we can find you some patterns you will enjoy doing. Just keep practicing. You are a quick learner and I will also teach you several new stitches tomorrow. Randy has a whole room filled with patterns, hooks, yarns, and threads. He also serves coffee and tea and some snacks to his customers. We can sit at one of the tables, look at patterns, and crochet."

"Sounds like a room out of a dream!" Alicia's eyes lit up as she spoke.


Randy closed the bookshop after the last customer had left. He walked to the back room, behind his storage area and made sure everything was in order for Janice's visit. Excitement filled his being as he though about seeing Janice again and getting a chance to crochet with her. He moved the newest pattern booklets to the counter so she could examine them tomorrow.

Realizing that he had an unopened box of crochet patterns that his sister, Ellen, had mailed to him sitting in the storage area, he went to retrieve the box. Ah, there it was behind his latest book shipment from New York City.

He carried the heavy box to the back room, sitting it on a table near the counter. He opened it, not believing his eyes! Old crochet pattern books, some dating back to the 1890's, said the letter from Ellen he found laying on top of the contents!

"It will take me hours to go through all these!" he said, a smile engulfing his face. He sat down and gently began taking the treasures from the box. Janice and the others will be so delighted with these antique crochet patterns. He took each out of the box in turn and with great care, looked through the old patterns. This was indeed a treasure chest!
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