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Things really do go bump in the night
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Write a story that includes the words: attack, disappear, quote - Word Count 300

Night at the Lake

Cheryl knew she shouldn't still be at the lake. She had come down here to clear her head. Their weekend getaway had turned into a work weekend and caused another fight.

The sun was getting far too low in the sky and would soon disappear completely. If she waited much longer she wouldn’t be able to find her way back to the cabin. I should be back there now working on my presentation for the meeting Monday. If I could just nail this my firm would get a new account and I’ll finally get that promotion. Then we could get the quote for the room addition on the house. She sighed deeply as she began to picture it for the hundredth time. The pale pink walls and white lace curtains that let the faintest hint of sunlight come in and bathe the crib in a warm glow. Steve was right – they had waited long enough to start their family.

As she turned back towards the path she thought she saw a movement in the shadows at the edge of the trees. She froze as her breath caught in her throat. She stared hard into the darkness. My imagination is getting the best of me tonight. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to that older couple telling stories about the Lake Moon Killer. She laughed nervously as she started back towards the path.

She stepped into the trees and began to relax. The attack was sudden and brutal. A large arm shot out and grabbed her around the waist. He clamped his other hand over her mouth effectively stifling the scream that hadn’t even had a chance to form. Her last thought as her vision began to fade was of Steve and pretty pink walls with sunlight that would never be .

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