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Megan and her friends are still in the past with Jane Austen.
Megan quietly studied the book.

Jennifer asked her:"How do we go back home?"

"This one says we can wear wolf bane and dance around a couldron and chant the year we want to go to. Maybe Jacob will show up with the sexy wolf pack?" Megan smiled a silly grin.

"As if Jacob can take us home. Megan, are we in a hurry to go home?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes and no. I wish we could take Jane with us. She could help us write best selling books." Megan was deep in thought.

"Jane could help us while we are still here. We would be learning from the oldest and best author ever." Jennifer frowned as she drank her tea that "she loved" so much.

Megan looked up from the book and the clock chimed four times. "Well. ladies we better get back to the Austens. It will be dark soon and the horses aren't very fast. I would hate to be out riding in the dark. I wonder if highway men still exist."

"They look like Johnny Depp and your Twilight characters. " Angel liked being mischievious.

Megan's eyes light up. "Highway men come and get me!"

"Come on woman. We need to go. Our luck, the highway men look like trolls." Jennifer and the ladies stood up to leave.

The women hugged Vicki good bye and told her they would see her in couple of days. After all, the ladies wanted to go back to their own time together.

The women were quiet on the way home. Angel sketched the countryside of woods and a pond. Megan and Jennifer were napping. Gretchen admired the scenery. The carriage was soon there and the ladies got out of the carriage. Mrs. Austen and Jane came out of tho house and told Megan and Jennifer to bring their friends in. The women entered the house and there were two men. One was in his fifties and looked like a cross between a frog and a weasel. He was balding and quite over weight and dressed like Mr. Bojangles. He wore baggy brown pants and a shirt that looked like he had slept in it. His eyes were shifty like a weasel. Megan and Jennifer didn't dare look at each other. They were afraid they would laugh. Gretechen and Angel were making funny faces. The other young man was thirty something and wore a dark three piece well tailored suit and a top hat. He had sideburns, dark hair and blue eyes that looked into your soul. He was friendly but cold at the same time. OH MY GOSH! MR.DARCY! That was what Megan and Jennifer were thinking. Jane looked at him like she was in love with him. Poor Jane.

Jane introduced the men. "Ladies, this is Mr. Trumble." The man who resmbled a weasel smiled. Jane's tone changed as she was all dreamy and her eyes danced. "This is Mr. Mitchell." The handsome Mr. Darcy man smiled as the women bowed. Jane's eyes twinkled and her heart was beating as she blushed. YES! MEGAN AND JENNIFER KNEW THIS WAS JANE'S MR. DARCY.

Mrs. Austen told the ladies to line up. "These two gentleman are going to give you dance lessons. We are invited to a dance at the Timmons Estate tomorrow night. I know you ladies said you never danced before and these gentlemen will teach you how. Mr. Austen, Jane, Casandra and myself would be honored if you would go with us."

The women said that they would love to go the dance.

Megan, Jennifer, Angel and Gretchen lined up as did Jane and Mrs. Austen. Cassandra was at the piano and Mr. Austen was there with his violin. Cassandra and Mr. Austen started playing and Mr. Trumble grabbed Jennifer's hand and Megan held Mr. Mitchell's hand as the ladies were then instructed to go forward and back. It was a little like square dancing and The Virginia Reel from GONE WITH THE WIND. Megan and Jennifer remembered how they danced in LOST IN AUSTEN and Jane Austen's movies and they danced divinely. Angel and Gretchen were learning. Mr. Mitchell looked at Jane like he was flirting with her. Megan and Jennifer knew Jane had never married and this "Mr. Darcy" would just end up hurting her. What a pity. Megan bumped into a table and bumped into Mr. Trumble. DID HE JUST RIBBET? Oh Dear!

"I am sorry Mr. Trumble. Are you alright?" Megan asked with a sheepish grin.

"I am fine. May I have a drink of water?" Mr. Trumble asked.

Gretchen went to get him a glass of water.

Just then it was time for dinner. Megan was glad. Oh great! She was seated next to Mr. Trumble. Gretchen and Angel stayed as well. Jane was seated next to Mr. Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell was whispering in Jane's ear and she was laughing. Mr. Austen was frowning. A knock was heard at the door and before anyone could answer the door, a pretty blonde stormed in and went up to Mr. Mitchell and slapped his face. "You! You got me with child and you are going to marry me and make me a respectable woman! You swine!" Jane was near tears and Megan and Jennifer felt like they were living in a 1800's soap opera. This was going to be interesting.
Beautiful Poser of Jane Austen by best friend Angel.
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Another Beauiful Poser of Jane Austen by best friend Angel.
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