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by lacy
Rated: E · Fiction · Animal · #1678108
Sharing the world with the other inhabitants.
    There are some friends of mind I would like to introduce you to. 

so come along with me too the world my friend inhabits.  First there's the Skipper and his wife Starry and the little ones Skimp and Skamp.  They live in a large oak tree outside my window.  Oh!, did I forget to mention that they are squirrels, sorry.

Then's there's Red and his lady love Crimson, Crimy for short.  No babies yet but they are hopeful .  Did you guest? yes!, they are robins. Then we have the master of all he surveys', Graymist.  A large gray tom cat.  Let us not forget Duchess and her ladies in waiting Shadowmist, and Whitecloud.  Two of the most dangerous tabbys in the yard.The Duchess is as black as night, short hair tabby with one white paw.  We must not forget our sometime guest Cody, a meduim size gold and brown terrier, who when he comes to visit always manage to get on the wrong side of, the Duchess and her ladies.                                                               

      My back yard is home to all these animals.  Looking out my window too the right in the middle of my yard stands a tall, very large oak tree. It dominates the yard. Across from it is a tall evergreen looking tree.  Directly , out my window is a tall scruffy looking tree I have no name for.  All of the yard is enclose with a wire fence.  This is suppose to keep Cody out but it doesn't. HA!HA!.  There are alot  of wild flowers in the spring and early summer.

      When Skipper moved into the oak he was alone for several weeks, but he was busy from early morning to late evening.  He gather twiggs all shapes and sizes,acorns, and grass.  I sat watching the Duchess and her ladies try one way after another to entrap Red.  He finally brought his family and introduced them to the neighborhood.  Skipper is a medium size gray squirrel, where as his wife starry is brown with a grey stripe from her nose to the tip of her tail.  Now the boys skimp and skamp took after their father in the looks department.  When Red realized Skip was moving his family in , he put up quite a fuss.  You see he wanted to remain a gated community for birds only.

      He told his wife Crimson, once you let one family in they soon want to take over the nieghborhood.  Crimy in her soft tweet, says I don't thinks that going to happen dear. Besides she said with them moving to the hood that give the Duchess someone else to chase beside us.  True said Red I didn'tr think about that.  When Graymist fine out they may still have to move, meow!  whitecloud, for she had over heard the robins.  While washing herself beneath the tree.  Where have Graymist been ask Red?  He went to visit his sister on the other side of the Dale. Oh! said Red.  I didn't know Grey had family this close.  Well his sister decided she want to stay with her humans.  She think our way of life is to unstable for her. Grey visit her often and sometimes stay a week or so. He also lived with the humans at one time, but found the life to confining. None of them knew Grey had heard everything as he sat behind the evergreen . He was thinking about looking threw the glass for the human women, for he had missed her.
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