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This is the story of me falling in love again n again or dont know if i ever fell in love.
Chapter-1 Childhood
I was 12 years old when i changed my school. I was afraid of the new school. The new atmosphere. i was missing my old friends. i was not sure how i will find the classmates in my new school. How will i adjust with them. I went to school with all my fears. I was standing outside my classroom. I gathered some courage and entered the class. As i entered the class i saw a girl. She was sitting alone and she waved me and said to share a seat with her. I made the first eye contact with her. I was totally lost in her big deep brown eyes. They were deep like an ocean. I sat with her. She had a beautifull fragrence. She said hello to me and asked my name. I told her my name. "Hi i am D." She told me her name. Her name was Kanika. Sweet name like her sweet looks. She was very cute. Very gorgeous. She look like an angel withous wings. She had a very sweet voice. Her words sounds like a poem. She is very very Beautifull. Her cheeks look like roses.Very iinocent looks. Glow in eyes. Killing Smile. Teeths were white like Paerls. I think she was the best creation of the God. My heart was beating fast. I was becoming numb. I think i was in love with her in first sight.
I like Kanika more then anything else in the world. I like her silly talks. I like her funny activities. I didnt find anything boring in her. She was too good. I started liking her wid every passing second of my life. We became very good friends in a very short time. We shared the same bench in class. We hav same tutiton and we sit close to each other. Her home was in way to school. So we used to go and come back from school together. It was awesome we 2 going on our bicycles. We ate our lunch together sharing our tiffins. She understands me very well. i was very naughty at that time. I didnt like the homework. She used to do all my homework. she always gave me her books in class as i always forget my books at home. She was very good. Charming, understanding, beautifull, gorgeous, sweet. she was my best friend. i started liking her more and more. I think i was in love with her. I was afraid of admitting my love to her as i was always scared that i might loose her as my friend too. My bllod start running fast in my veins when she says "D you are a very good person. U are my best friend. I like you very much. please dont leave me ever". I think she also loved me but she was also scared of the same thing from which i m scared. I was loving spending my time wid her. I was happy with the things going.
Everything was going pretty fine with me and Kanika for 3 years. We were happy together. We loved each other's company so we were enjoying it fully. We used to spend 9 to 10 hours together. I dont know what we used to talk but our talks were endless. The hours we spend together seems like minutes. I was always happy with her. She was my only friend in school for 3 years. I could hav made more friends but i never felt the need of doing so. She was just perfect for me. Mature when i need some advise, loving when i need love, caring when i need care, supportive when i need support, affectionate all the time. Now we were in class 10. This was the last year of my school. I was afarid of loosing her after 1 year. i tried to say " I love u Kanika" many times. But i failed everytime. I thought 1 day i will say it. But i was happy wid her and i didnt wanted anything else.
Part-2 (Sexiness rides over love)
Everything was going well between us. In the last year of school we got a new girl in our class. She came from some other city. She was a new joining. She came in our class. She was very sexy. I had never seen such a sexy girl in my life, She had black eyes which can peirce ur heart. She has so much addiction in her eyes that she can turn you on anywhere. She was about 5'2" in her height. She had a very sexy figure. She had huge boobs. I guess she had around 35 C size boobs. She had a very well shaped round ass. In short she was the Godess of sex. Her name was Sherry. Sexy name like her Sexy figure. I had started watching porn at that time. She always looked like a porn star to me. I was getting attracted towards her. She had some magnetic power i think. All the guys of my class were just talking about her. In the breaktime for the first time in these 3 years i didnt ate my luch with Kanika. I went to Sherry and asked to hav lunch with me. As it was her first day in school so she didnt bring lunch with her. She hesitated for a moment. I said to her " Dont hesitate dear i hav not mixed poison in it. I dont want to kill a beautifull and sexy girl like you". She smiles and patted me on my cheek. Oh my gosh my heart was beating fast again with the soft touch of her hands over my cheeks. She told me her name and i told her mine. I shared my lunch with her. She was very pretty. I was feeling like a king sitting with her and sharing lunch. It was too good. Next day i shared my bench with her. Kanika was getting upset with my sudden change of behaviour but she didnt let me know that. She happily let me share the bench with Sherry. Sherry had a great fragrence. She smeeled like Choclates. I was getting attracted towards her. I dont know whether it was her magnetic power or her looks or my desire to be a friend of super sexy girl. After a few days Sherry joined the same tution where i was going. So we got extra time to spend. She was new to town so she loved my company as i always love to roam. I started spending more and more time wid Sherry and less and less time with Kanika. Kanika never complained to me for my changing beahviour but she was upset. I didnt care for her now. I care for Sherry now. my friendship with Sherry was about a month older now. I was liking her or more and more. I think i was in love with her. I started lieing to Kanika. I satarted telling her that i m busy in studies. I stopped going out with her. But i started going out out with Sherry. Me and Kanika was going away from each other. But i was not much worried about that as i was getting closer to Sherry. I sometimes feel bad that i am not doing good with Kanika but i always lied to my heart that i dont love Kanika. She is not a girlfriend. She is just a friend. But my heart and me both know that i was lieing. Sherry's parents were going out of town for a few days. She cant leave the school so she was staying in the town. She was alone in the town. She was afraid of getting bored for 5 days. I promised her that i will not let he go bore. i said to her "Sherry dear dont you worry when i am here. You cant get bore with me. I promise you that your these 5 days will be the best days of ur life. Just trust me Dear". I dont know what happened to her but i think she really liked that words as she gave me a kiss on my cheeks. My heart was beating at a very faster rate. I didnt washed my face that day as i didnt wanted to remove the feeling of her lips on my cheeks. That night i couldn't get sleep. I was thinking about her. I was thinking about getting her. Now i wanted a kiss on my lips. Its a common saying that "Greed makes a man Blind". So now i was getting greedy and i think i was getting blind too. I am saying this because i couldn't notice that Kanika is loosing weight. i couldn't see that she is going pale and loosing her charm. I was responsible for her misery but i was not seeing that. I think my greed to get Sherry really made me blind. Next day i was very happy. I had made some plans in night. I was happy that i will be with Sherry for full day. I went to her home. We went to school together. She was looking more beautifull that day. I dont know whether she really looked more beautifull or i was greedy so she was looking beautifull to me. We shared the lunch together, attended the classses. I went to her home after school. I told her to miss the tution that day. I said " Sherry lets just skip the tution today n we will hav great time together. We will watch some movie today". She said ok. We were seeing a Romantic local movie in her home. I t was so great. We were alone in her house. This alone thing was making me very excited. We were watching mivie. Her head was resting on my shoulders. We were holding hands together. I was feeling very very happy, I was feeling myself on cloud 9. I dont know wat happened to me. I just holded her hand tightly. I looked in her eyes. My heart was beating fast. I gathered some courage n said " Sherry you are a very beautifull girl. You hav made my life very beautifull. You hav given me so many happy moments of my life. When i am with u i forget everything. You are my world. I want to hold Your hand like this for ever in my life. I want you. Sherryyyyy i ...... think..... i m ..........in.... LOVE..... wid u... No Sherry i dont think i m sure i m in love wid u. Sherry I Love u a lot". She smiled. I was confused wid her smile. She said " Oh D thanks for that. U r so slow. U took a lot of time in saying that. I also love u D. U r my Sweetheart". We hugged each other. But i dont know y when i was hugging her I was thinking about Kanika. I was thinking that i always wanted to say these things to Kanika but i was never able to do that in 3 years. But with Sherry i said these things in less then just 2 months. I was confused in my mind. My heart was asking from me " Do you really love Sherry. Am i really beat for her". I lied to my heart that yes i love Sherry. I was turned on wid that hug. I was turned on with the gragrence of her body. I was turned on wid the softness n closeness of Sherry. I think my Lust was riding over my Love. I know that the things i said to Sherry i didnt mean it from heart. but i was enjoying the closeness. So i lied to my heart n make it quiet. I was feeling more happy in Sherry's arms. I can feel the softness of her boobs on my chest. Sensations were going under my pants. I was trying to control it. I saw in her eyes looked at her lips n i said to her " Sherry u hav very juicy n beautifull lips. U hav very sexy eyes. Sherry u know wenver i think about u i always wished 1 thing. i always wished to kiss u on ur lips. Just for once in my life. Its my biggest wish". She looked in to my eyes. She kept her arms on my shoulders. she again looked in my eyes. She Said " D i love u a lot. I wanna give u something. Can u pls close ur eyes". I closed my eyes. After a few seconds i was feeling a sweet wet juicy thing on my lips. It was Sherry's lips on my lips. My plan was working. My wish was coming true. I was enjoying the kiss. my heart was beating fast. She had a very sweet, very soft, very juicy lips. her lips tatse was awesome. I was sucking her lips. She pulled me close to her. Very close to her. We were just lost in sucking each other's lips n licking tongues. I t was so good. My heart was pounding. It was the first kiss of my life. I was kinda new to it. But she seems to be doing it daily. she was an expert. Sherry knows how to suck lips. How to lick Tongue. She was dominating over me. I was scared. She was putting my hands over her boobs. I was getting more scared. I never had this before in my life. Her boobs were so soft. She was kissing me wildly. She bite on my lips. I cried with pain. She was just too good for me. She told me to move further. But i didnt know how. She came to know that i m a virgin. She kissed me more harder. She smiled and said " Oh D darling you are such a cute baby. I know this your first time. Dont worry. Everything will be alright. I m here for you baby. I will take care of you sweetheart. Dont hesitate. Just do as i say". I said ok. She gave me a biiger kiss. It was all amazing. She removed her top. She removed her bra. She removed my tshirt too. I was seeing boobs in front of me for the ffirst time in real. She told me to kiss them and press them. I did as she said. It was awesome. Her boobs were soft. Her nipples were hard and erect. I liked it very much. I was getting crazy. We moved further. She climbed over me. She was riding over me. Her moans and groans were making me more crazy. We were exhausted after our love making. It was very good. My first experience of sex was great. It was with the Godess of Sex. We repeated it all the 5 days. Kanika was getting away from me. I was ignoring her more and more. She tried to talk to me. But i didnt cared. I started thinking about Sheryy all the time. But tere was always a sign og guilty in my mind. I used to feel myself guilty for ignoring Kanika. But then all the time Sex controlled my mind. I started thinking about sex all the time. Sherry was even more horny then me. She didnt left a single chance of doing it. We didnt get proper place for love making, But we did kissing and oral at almost all the place. In our classroom after school. In the bathroom after school. In the fields. In the park almost everywhere. Sherry was riding over my mind.
Everything was going perfect. After a few months Sherry start changing. She satrted avoiding me. She was talking to some other guys for the most of the time. She Stopped sitting with me. When i called her she used to say she is busy. I was getting frustrated with her changed behaviour. She kissed me when i wanted to kiss her. But she was loosing the passion in it. It felt like i was kissing some statue. Then she stooped kissing me. She start saying that she is not happy with me. She said i m changed now. She said i m not good now. I was getting more and more upset. She started avoiding me fully. She stopped talking to me. She stopped taking my calls. She satrt getting angry with me when i wanted to talk to her. I was getting more and more upset. I start lossing my sleep. I cant belive its happening to me. But in my heart i knew i am responisble for it. I was in pain. I could feel how Kanika would hav felt when i did the same thing to her which Sherry was doing to me. I start loosing apetite. I was geeting thinner day by day. My face was getting pale. I looked like i m suffering from a disease. I blamed myself. I thought its Karma. As i did wrong to Kanika so Sherry is doing it to me. I could feel the pain of Kanika. I was alone and need someone. But i didnt hav friends. I didnt hav Kanika with me. I need Kanika. I think i m in love with her.
Friend or Love
Kanika came to know about my breakup. She came to my house 1 day after school. I didnt went to school that day. I was lying on my bed. I was thinking about Kanika. She entered in my room. She smiled and said " Hi D. Is everything alright? u didnt came to school today? R u not well today? Well i hav brought homework with me. I will do it for u".

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