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Should these players even be considered for the Hall of Fame
Back when Mark McGwire was on pace to break Roger Maris's long time held HR record for a season, the question arised about certain over the counter supplements Mark McGwire was using. At the time, MLB had no policy about these so called supplements. Of course we now know that McGwire and a whole host of well known ballplayers were using something worse than that. We now know they were doing HGH steroids.

Given what we now now, should these players be considered for the Hall of Fame? I am still neutral on this subject. If they are voted into the Hall of Fame, then I believe there should be an asterisk besides their names. I also would like to see a 10 year waiting period as opposed to the current 5 years for when these players even come up on the 1RST ballot. Kind of like a punishment for using these Illegal drugs

Also, I would only give these players only 2 chances of getting into the Hall when eligibility comes up. That's It. The shame of what these players have done to America's greatest pastime. Baseball, in my opinion, IS NOT the great game it used to be. The golden days of baseball are over. It ended back in the sixties whan baseball was just a simple game. It ended when players like Mickey Mantle retired.
Baseball will never have a period like that again. Now, I believe that football has taken over as America's greatest pastime.

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