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Exercise for Lesson # 4 - No Commas????
1. I love the sea, and I wish to own a house on the beach.
Rule #1 - Compound Sentences With Coordinating Conjunctions (use commas)

2. If you inculcate your children with the right values, they will grow up to be fine human beings.
Rule #2 - Introductory Adverbial Clauses (use commas)

3. Sharon Stone is a beautiful, talented actress.
Rule #3a - Coordinate Adjectives (use commas)

4. Venus Williams is a strong black athlete.
Rule #3b - Non-Coordinate Adjectives (don’t use commas)

5. The Theory of Relativity, propounded by Albert Einstein, revolutionized Quantum Physics.
Rule #4a - Non-Essential Elements (use commas)

6. Beautiful women who are vain about their looks live unhappy lives.
Rule #4b - Essential Elements (don't use commas)

7. Is this the India that Mahatma Gandhi fought for?
Rule #4c - Essential "That" Clauses (don't use commas)

8. I woke up in the morning, brushed my teeth, took my bath, ate my breakfast, and left for college.
Rule #5 - Elements in a Series (use commas)

9. Reading his wife's mind, he bought her a diamond necklace.
Rule #6 - Introductory Phrases (use commas)

10. Catherine doesn't practice much. Still, her natural, melodious voice makes her a popular singer.
Rule #7 - Introductory Transitional Words (use commas)

11. Come on, speak the truth, at least now.
Rule #8 - Interjections (use commas)

12. His wife is upset that he eats well only when his mother cooks.
Rule #9 - (Ending) Adverbial Clauses (don’t use commas)

13. Honestly, it doesn't matter.
Rule #10a - Disjunctive Adverbial Words (use commas)

14. Winnie is a marvelously talented teacher.
Rule #10b - Adjunctive Adverbial Words (don’t use commas)

15. The bride gazed at her husband, her eyes sparkling with love.
Rule #11 - Absolute Phrases (use commas)

Lesson #4
16. Hitler famously lost the Second World war.
Rule #12 - Adverbs In Short Sentences (don’t use commas)

17. My father worked hard and paid for my education.
Rule #13 - Shared Subjects (don’t use commas)

18. A clear understanding of human nature is essential to become a great leader.
Rule #14 - Separation of Subjects and Verbs (don’t use commas)

19.Comma Splice: My heart pounded against my chest, I would meet my girlfriend after ages.
Comma Splice Correction: My heart pounded against my chest. I would meet my girlfriend after ages.
Rule #15 - Comma Splices (don’t use commas)

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