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A brief essay on whether to tell the truth or lie.
What is better: A lie that brings a smile to one’s face, or telling the truth that causes one to cry? The question becomes circumstantial, the answer changing each time the question is asked. At times, it may be necessary to tell a so-called “white” lie to prevent hurting the feelings of one. In some circumstances, the question and answer can become extremely difficult, and the choice must be based on morals.

As many people know, when a female becomes pregnant, her body goes through many changes. Her abdomen begins to grow, and she suddenly becomes self conscious about her looks. One question that most people can claim they have heard a pregnant female ask is, “Do I look fat?” Obviously, most will tell the female no, even if she has gained an extra fifty pounds during the pregnancy. This may not make the female “fat” but they themselves know that they are not at the weight they once were, and are not as fit as they may have once been. Again though, the choice to lie or speak the truth becomes a personal one.

Children have all done something that they know they will be in trouble for with their parents/guardians. It could be something as small as spilling food on the carpet, to something as big as a teenager crashing his father’s car. Some will actually attempt to lie to their parents, and may get away with it. But as most people know, especially parents, the truth tends to reveal itself at a later date. The punishment and the anger of the parent/guardian tends to be much worse at this point. Is the truth better to tell in this circumstance? As the answer usually is, the choice is based on your personal opinion.

In extremely difficult circumstance, morals may have to come into play when deciding how to answer the question. At one point or another in our social lives, we will discover that a friend or relative of ours has committed infidelity. In some cases, one may catch the other in the act. The difficult part comes when you must decide whether to tell the one being cheated on. If you tell them the truth, they will be devastated, but you may save them years of pain. However, once telling them, they may feel resentment towards you, for knowing the truth. When one debates over whether to tell the truth, they take up time, which may also cause the one being hurt to feel extreme resentment. Morals play an extremely important role, when deciding how to answer in this difficult situation.

To lie or to tell the truth has been a question that has been difficult to answer since humans have first become social. In some cases, a lie may seem like the reasonable choice, but the truth may be the moral choice. The decision must be based on personal choices, morals, and the feelings of others must also play an important role. Is it better to tell a lie that brings a smile, or speak the truth that may hurt another? The choice is yours.
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