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The pages before the prologue, introducing the story and offering my dedications/thanks

The Ternion
By: Frank Moricz

A part of the Legends of Aura   series

"It was crystal that had both made and unmade the world. The hardened blood of planet Aura showed unparalleled properties. It formed into a myriad of colors, and each color seemed to hold a unique power of its own. These gems mastered the elements, and when their true power was discovered, they rewrote the course of history."

I cannot take full credit for what you see here, and I want to take the time to offer my special thanks to a few very important sources.

Heather Tressler - My beautiful girlfriend... you have been an inspiration to me in so many ways, and a reason that I will always strive to do better.

Josh Knowles - My friend and collaborator, this project would not be what is is today without the many great ideas you contributed. Most of them found their way into this project.

Eric Sorrentino - Thank you for being a great friend. Your perspective was a massive help to me in the creation of this epic, and the changes made as a result of your words shaped the story in ways you can't imagine.

Writing.com, and WDC Members - I can honestly say that because of the positive responses I received from writing.com, I was inspired to continue on through the writes and rewrites. My skill was taken to an entirely new level as time went on, and none of this could have been done without WDC. Thank you!

  I want to thank every person who read my work along the way. Thank you so very much for participating in what has come so far - you can expect much more in the future. This started for me as a hobby, and a creative outlet. Because of the support from readers like you, it slowly became so much more. Nothing can describe the feeling I get when hearing about Aura through the eyes of a reader. Again, thank you for letting me share my world with you.
        --Frank Moricz

And now, to begin:
"The Ternion Prologue

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