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An odd type of story.
Isolation. Don't let yourself fear it. Because if you do, who will be there to comfort you?
Don't worry, you're not alone. You have me. I'll always be right in that small pocket of darkness hiding from eyesight.
I'm right there, holding a golden dagger. Do you know who I am? Blood wise (if I had any) I would be close.
I was killed terribly and disgustingly. I plan on doing the same to you. Then what? Will you have mercy on the next?
Doubtful. You won't know the secret until the deed. Oldest to youngest the slaying goes. You see, when you die, you lose all emotion and person.
Even if I did know you well enough to like you, it wouldn't matter. You'd take the hate that should be expelled on my murderer.
The amount of hate I have for you is only reliant on the pain of my death.

But you see. I may not kill you. Rather another angry soul will unleash his wrath on you. I can only stand in his way and try to merely defend you.
Them killing you will mean nothing. If naturally you were met to die but you survive. I'll be gone. You'll be soulless.
It will be up to another soul to take you. Do not fear. One will catch up to you.
This practice is built into us as animals. Predator and prey. This is why small lovely, bouncy forest critters are often viciously devoured by other angrier animals.

But here is the deal. Aside from being a shell of your former-self, the anger might be so overbearing, you kill your host at a young age.
When your host dies, you disappear for eternity only to be a vague ghost when you are remembered. But why kill you might ask? The anger builds up over time. The rate at which it builds is different for everyone.
This anger becomes irresistible to a point where you are forced to commit your act with the promise of peace around the corner.
But why kill others souls? We do not merely chose to do this, infact it is our hosts conscious decisions. In a way we are followers and leaders.

Enjoy your being alone. (But I'm right here)
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