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A prayer of intercession for the intercessors. Open Door To Grace.
Lord I pray for the new members Cindy and Bud.
Enrich their hearts Lord and bring the words of intercession to their hearts.
Teach us Lord how to pray and to pray in Your will every day.
Singing praise to You Lord is our hearts desire and answered prayers are awesome!

God, Abba, Father, You are all of these and more.
A dictionary of noun's cannot be printed large enough to encompass Your names.
Take, oh Lord, our prayers of intercession and let us rest in assurance You say amen.
Here in this place Lord, let us be focused on Your will and Your ways.
Each breath we take Lord. let it be for Your glory as we come to the throne boldly.
Rather than cower in the corners we shall shout from the mountain tops that You are.

As one of us, or two, and maybe even three begin to peruse the requests Lord, hear.
Renew our strength Lord. for as we seek to pray in intercession we will be under attack.
Oh Lord, I call for Your hedge of protection and Your shield that deflects the fiery darts.
Unprecedented can Your mighty acts be, and we anticipate them even here Lord.
Nearer to Your heart we desire to draw, Lord, and we seek Your wisdom.
Dearest Lord, our wisdom is but human, it is Your wisdom we need to find as we pray.

This is a place chosen to bring to You Lord the petitions of others in the WDC, et al.
Here is where we meet with You in supplication and adoration knowing You are there.
Eternally glowing with the perfected presence You are at the right hand of God.

This is where we come Lord, the throne room, because You have prepared the way.
How amazing, how wonderful is the love of God that He would be so near to us.
Regal and majestic we can but fall prostrate at the foot of the throne to pray, and pray.
On the very day Lord that one comes to this place to intercede, cover and lead him/her.
Now brethren, you who have chosen to be an intercessor, let us gather and pray.
Every day that you come into this place, let's remember we are in the throne room.

Let's Gather Around The Throne and praise Him, intercede for others, and then for each others family, day-by-day-by-day!

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