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A black and white T.V. can hold your attention longer than any one person...
Why am I feeling so vacant?

When you constantly feel high in the head and walk around like you're carrying a ton of bricks you know something isn't right, but don't know too many people who share these pills. The hotel room seems to have become your only friend, granted it is after five, that is unless you can beat the rush hour.

A black and white T.V. can hold your attention longer than any one person, even though the fuzzy re-runs lack continuation and the programming stops at midnight. After about an hour of silence, the dead screen is replaced by those little colored lines.

You tell yourself that one day you'll be free of this, but nobody gave you wings.

Why do we look up to the skies for answers to our lies?

For the same reason we rely on the clock to give us the hour, because we find ourselves incapable of remembering. The capsule that holds us is vacant, time itself seems to have lost its meaning, and that's saying a lot when every second counts.

Even if you use the notches to climb to the top, you can only stay high for so long before the second hand slices through.

When the glass shatters and we are faced with more than one god, after all these years of loneliness, the inner workings of the system will brand us victims of hollow pursuits. Vacant pursuits.

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