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A children's serial in short chapters to illustrate Christian truths
Part one.

Chip and Cherry were on their way home from junior soldiers. They were chatting about what YPSM Ann Benson had been saying about the Pharisees who loved to show off to people and receive praise for their good works.
"We're all a bit like them," said Chip. "I know I got big-headed when I scored a goal for the school team the other day."
Cherry laughed. "Yes but football's different, everyone who scores likes to celebrate. You'd look funny if you didn't."
"I suppose so," rejoined Chip, "but it's made me think. It would be nice to do something like helping someone - and not tell anyone about it."
"And not accept any reward for it," added Cherry. "Well, there's nothing to stop us."
Just then, as the brother and sister walked past some waste ground, they heard what sounded like a sneeze.
"What was that?" they both said together. Their eyes caught sight of something moving in the dark. It was someone wrapped in an old quilt in a box.
When the figure saw he had been spotted he scrambled to his feet. It was a lad not much older than Chip and Cherry.
"What are you doing here?" asked Cherry.
The youngster was startled at first, but he relaxed when he saw it was only a couple of kids.
"Get lost!" he growled.
Chip and Cherry walked away, but then he called after them: "Hey, have you got anything to eat?"
"We were just going to the chip shop," said Chip. "You can come with us if you like. We can share."
"Na-a-a-ah, forget it," replied the boy.
"We can bring you some chips back," offered Cherry.
"OK, but don't tell anyone you saw me," ordered the lad, his mouth watering at the prospect of this unexpected supper.
Chip and Cherry hurried off to the chippie.
"He must be on the run - he didn't want to be seen by anybody," said Chip.
"That's what I was thinking ," replied Cherry. "He must be hungry. I feel sorry for him."
"What about if we don't have any chips but get a big sausage and mix for him?" said Chip.
"That's a brilliant idea," responded Cherry, "and we'll keep it a secret. We won't be like the Pharisees telling everybody. This will just be between us and God."
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