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Children's story with a Christian theme
Part 3 - The thief

Chip and Cherry were both thinking the same thing. Could it have been Grub, the lad they had seen sleeping rough the night before?
"What's missing?" they asked.
"We're not sure yet," said Jemma, Ann's daughter. "But I wish I could get my hand on the little blighter! We just came in and found the back door wide open."
"We'll have a cup of tea. That'll help us calm down a bit," said Ann. "Get the biscuits out, Jemma."
Jemma went to the cupboard. "Mum, the tins's empty!"
"It can't be. I put a packet of custard creams in this morning."
"What kind of thief pinches biscuits?" said Jemma.
"One who is hungry," thought Chip.
He and his sister could not hide their suspicions.
"By the looks on your faces, I think you two know who it is," said Ann.
Chip and Cherry recounted the story of their walk home from junior soldiers the previous night and how they had met Grub on the waste ground.
"He was hungry so we bought him some chips and sausage," said Cherry. "We weren't going to shout about it like the Pharisees did, but...."
"Of course, it might not have been him," Chip pointed out.
Ann and Jemma were touched that the brother and sister had put into practice what they had learned by quietly helping someone in need.
Ann decided they would have a prayer and bring God into the situation.
Afterwards Jemma said: "Anyway, why are you here?" (In all the excitement the purpose of Chip and Cherry's visit had been overlooked.)
Chip explained his difficulty over whether to play in the school football team or attend the singing group practice.
"Well, I was really hoping you would come to the practice," said Ann. "I wanted you and Cherry to sing a special part in one of the songs we're going to do at the old folks' home. And tomorrow is the last practice."
Chip's heart sank He so wanted to play in the football match and he knew if he pulled out he might not get picked again. But he didn't want to let the singing group down either. What should he do?
"OK," he said. "I'll come to singing practice. And I'll explain to Mr Beckham tomorrow,"
Going home, Chip knew he had made the right decision. He felt sort of peaceful about it.
As the pair walked across the waste ground, who should they see but Grub. He was sitting eating from a bag full of food.
To be continued.
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