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Children's story with a Christian theme
Part four

Chip and Cherry were immediately suspicious because Grub was eating from a packet of custard creams, which were Ann's favourite biscuits!
"Where did you get those from?" asked Chip.
"I bought them," replied Grub.
"What with? You had no money yesterday," Chip reminded him.
"That was yesterday," said Grub.
"Let me look in your bag," said Cherry, hoping to find something recognisable.
"Keep out, nosey parker," said Grub, shoving her away.
Chip and Cherry were almost convinced Grub was the thief, but they couldn't be sure yet.
"What's up with you two?" asked Grub. "You were nice and friendly the other day. You even bought me sausage and chips. Now you're bugging me."
"What are you doing here? Why are you sleeping rough?" said chip, deciding to ask some straight questions.
But Grub was in no mood to give answers. Although he had a good feeling about the brother and sister, there were some things he couldn't tell them.
"You go to the Salvation Army, don't you?" he said softly. "When I was younger they helped us. My mum had no money at Christmas and someone came round to bring us food and presents."
"That's good," said Chip.
"No it isn't. That's when everything started to go wrong."
"What do you mean?" asked Cherry.
"Never mind," said Grub. "It's private."
"We can say a prayer asking God to help you if you like," suggested Chip.
"No thanks, it didn't work last time and it won't work this time," said Grub.
The junior soldiers wanted to talk more but a glance at his watch told Chip it was time they were home. They left Grub on the waste land in the fading light.
The pair were both concerned for the lad even if he was the person responsible for the break-in at Ann's.
The next morning at school, before Chip could tell the fooball coach Mr Beckham that he couldn't play in the match, he noticed that the poster on the board had been altered. The game was now going to be played the following evening!
"Thanks, Lord!" he said to himself.
To be continued.
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