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Rated: E · Serial · Children's · #1680089
A children's story with a Christian theme
Part 6 - Substituted!

"Oh no!" Cherry gasped. "It must have been Grub! I hope he's OK. We must go to the hospital."
Just then, a school friend ran up. "What are you doing here?" he asked Chip. "Are you forgetting we have a football match tonight?"
Chip had forgotten. The match was a cup semi-final, but it didn't seem that important now. Nevertheless, he knew he couldn't let the team down.
"You go back and play in the match while I try and find out about Grub," his sister said.
Looking at the ashes of Grub's den, Cherry feared the worst.
Chip ran back to school where some of the players were already on the pitch.
"What on earth are you playing at, Chester?" growled Mr Beckham the coach. "Get changed quickly or I'll start with someone else."
Chip just got on to the pitch in time for the kick-off, but his mind was not on the game.
He had a good chance to score early on but let a Westwood defender take the ball off him.
"Wake up, Chester!" he heard the coach roar.
More chances went begging as Chip struggled to find his normal form.
At half-time, Keliston went off still drawing 0-0 despite having most of the play. Then Chip was told by Mr Beckham: "Sorry, Chester, but I'm taking you off. I don't know what's the matter with you but you're playing rubbish."
Sadly Chip had to watch the second half from the sidelines. Fortunately, a second half goal gave Keliston a 1-0 victory and a place in the cup final in a week's time. But somehow, Chip didn't think he woud be playing in it.
When he got home, Cherry was quick to tell him about Grub.
"He's not too badly hurt and should be out of hosital soon," she told him. "It turns out he was on the run from a foster home. At least he should get himself sorted out now. It can't have been much fun living like he was."
"No," Chip agreed. Then he told Cherry about his poor performance in the match.
That night the police came to their house!
Apparently Grub had disappeared from the hospital and the police were were checking up on his visitors including Cherry!
To be continued.
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