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A children's story with a Christian theme
Part 7 - The big match

Having found out their friend Grub is on the run again, Chip and Cherry visited his old hiding place (or what was left of it after the fire) on the way the school.
"He's probably well away from here now," said Chip. "I suppose he'll be all right. As the police said, he's a survivor."
"Yes, but I wish we could have helped him," replied Cherry.
"We tried, but he wouldn't listen, would he?" said Chip.
At least the brother and sister were happy in the knowledge that they had prayed for him and told him about their special friend Jesus.
Several days passed and they heard nothing, but they were confident Jesus would be with him wherever he was.
The day of the school football final drew near. Chip had had a bad game in the semi final and was not expecting to make the team. When Mr Beckham the coach sent for him he feared the worst. Sure enough, he was given the news that he would be on the subs bench.
He was disappointed but did not know what was in store for him!
The day of the match came and a large crowd had gathered on the school field, including Aunty Ann the YPSM and lots of supporters from the Salvation Army.
To his amazement, Chip also saw Grub from a distance. He wanted to go and talk to him but he knew Mr Beckham would go mad if he left the bench.
With the score at nil-nil and the game coming to a close, Keliston's goalkeeper was injured and unable to continue. Mr Beckhad threw the goalie jumper to Chip!
Chip was delighted to come on - even as goalkeeper - but in a few moments he was distraught as he let the ball slip from his grasp. Desperately he dived to try and stop the ball crossing the line.
The Hillcroft team appealed for a goal. No one seemed to know whether it was a goal or not. The referee did not know either.
He looked to Chip. "Was it over the line?" he asked.
"Yes," replied Chip truthfully.
The referee thanked Chip for his honesty and awarded a goal.
"You idiot, Chester! You just lost us the game!" boomed Mr Beckham.
"No, I haven't!" Chip shouted back defiantly.
The next tme he got the ball, Chip raced out of his goal and down the field with it, dribbling everybody. He was like a man possessed - and the crowd loved it!
As he neared the Hillcroft goal he could see the ref looking at his watch. This would be Keliston's last chance to save the match. With all his might he blasted the ball at the goal.....!
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