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Anyone in infatuation mode can catch this reoccurring blind spot.
I’m going to tell you a huge blind spot that is rampant in every crowded area. My definition is far from that of Sandra Bullock’s award winning movie. This blind spot that I have allotted my time to talk about pertains to the mutations of friendship and butterfly feelings. It is the unseen hole inside a person’s logical brain as it was struck by Cupid’s arrow.

Anyone in infatuation mode can catch this reoccurring blind spot. An infected person gives meaning to everything his love-dove does to/with him. Like a simple smile that they exchange across the hall can turn into a ‘she likes me too!!’ tweet. Problem with this blind spot is even though people are aware of its existence they still seem to ignore it. Saying whatever justifications their brain can come up with. Fact is it was just a smile and not a kiss. Let’s not go over dramatic about it.

One can widen malice on a larger scope. Like the universe, it expands. He can develop a different translation like from a simple stare to an imagined love-filled stolen gaze with harmonizing flipping of eyelids and singing shooting stars with swaying hair.

Another downside of this blind spot is when you tell this to your friends. Everybody knows it was just a stare. But you, oh no, you think it was something more. You will extract situations where you think she is more intensely into you and everything that you do. And in some way, you will find a synonym for stalking that may seem lovable and romantic. You begin to imagine that she tells her friends about you all the time - now that ‘all the time’ stings a delicious ring to your ear. You forget the world you build and you become an idiot then and there.

A solution for this is not that simple. You have to command your brain to stop giving favorable interpretations to every inch that your love object makes. And that is like forcing a thirsty cow not to drink. You can’t just wrestle a dehydrated 400kg mammal. It will eventually boils down to tactics. You can either turn the cow’s head away from the pond or you can guide it to grass land. Same thing with people - you can either stop staring at her or you can try distracting yourself to something else. Then, you can stop treating yourself like an idiot and be normal around her. If she notices you then yoo-hoo if not, you can do two things - grow some balls and try coming up to her, or you can procrastinate, feeling insecure and do that tomorrow.

But, there are also some good things in getting this blind spot. With a thought that she reciprocates the feeling, you gain confidence and you ask her out boldly. In this way, you can have three results. First is favorable – she agrees and you two are good to go. Second is a one-way ticket to dumpville and the start of a quest to find your ego in Hades’ lair. And third is the gray area - considering your boldness and feeling the flattery, she begins to see you in a different way. Then the odds turn to 50-50.

Blind spot can be a source of stupidity and conceitedness but at the same time a start of something new. Depending on how you play the game, everything bad can be turned into your advantage. Just be aware when you have this blind spot. We don’t want you to be looking like an idiot.
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