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So many religions with so many views
Re-Defining God…

As decades pass swiftly the hourglass of time
marks all proclamations of Man’s sacred crimes.
Upon one another we’ve brandished our swords
expecting that God will exalt His rewards
to we who are blessed -
our bibles attest
that God’s on our side so we fight in His quest.

For thousands of years we’ve fought paupers and kings
with our holy books and the truths that they bring.
They give us our faith as God’s words fill the air -
We break out in song as His will is declared
by fathers and sons;
who rise with their guns
to fight for their ways - which are second to none.

It’s here we stand naked in front of our Lord
and shout out how much He’s revered and adored.
We hold up the heads of the infidel swine;
make clear to our God – He’s the one who’s Divine.
With His truth in hand,
we squawk and demand
that our way's the right way – the law of the land.

So many religions with so many views;
the Christians, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Jews;
the Hindus, the Gnostics, the Shinto, Baha'i -
with so many others… Who does God deny? 
We all owe our days
to He whom we praise;
it’s not ours to judge in such blasphemous ways!

We preach that our God is forgiving and kind.
We teach in a way that leaves others behind.
We say God will punish their wrongness of heart
unless they adhere to what our God imparts.
And thus here we sit
as we all commit
to murder our brothers – our hatred, transmit.

We need to step back – take a breath – realize
we all perceive God as the ultimate prize.
So why can’t we share Him as He shares with us?
Why are we compelled to teach rage with such fuss?
We have to reflect
upon the respect
due each righteous person - no matter their sect…

Let’s lay on the table our unending hate;
We’ve no chance of winning this zealous debate.
Instead, let’s break through this relentless façade.
We’re all earthly spirits – created by God!
We can live in peace;
With charity, cease.
And live side by side - as God’s blessings increase.

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