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After ruining her piano key, Rosalie must hire a repairman. But who exactly is he?
It’s too hard to concentrate at work. All I can think about is my piano. My piano, my piano, my piano. And its damaged key.  The D key. It’s sticking out. I can’t fix it myself, I already tried. Do I have enough money? How much does it even cost to fix a D that popped up? I check.

I, of course, can afford it.

All I have to pay for is rent, food and the theft of gas. Maintenance comes along with the apartment. I’m the only mouth to feed, the only one to clothe. Of course I can afford to make my lovely piano feel better. He may not be a grand piano, or even a Yamaha, but he deserves every bit of my care, and any money I don’t need.

Soon, the consultant is supposed to come. My piano will go through a full regulation. I’ll be getting my piano’s health back for nearly two grand. But I don’t care.

Anything for my piano. Why? Because my dreams rest on that piano. That is the piano my first symphony will be composed with. Without him, my launch into fame would be virtually shattered. What I’ve been trying to prove, and all my dreams will be shattered. So my piano must be fixed no matter what the cost.

Only two hours before he is supposed to come, but I feel as anxious as if he were two hours late. Mozart’s amazing composing usually soothes me, but it’s not working this time. I give Beethoven a chance. Here comes the Moonlight Sonata. It’s such a sad song.

And Fur Elise

To me, that song represents unrequited love, and almost getting there and failing. It starts out slow, sad and painful, then a little bit of hope comes in, but it crashes down and it comes back right to the sad loneliness you experience. Then it does it again, and right back to loneliness. But then…there’s that moment of happiness. It can happen at anytime. A simple glance, a dance in a ball, or just by chance, being able to sit together at a meeting. And you forget how lonely you feel without this person. All you feel is pure happiness. And then it ends.

And it goes right back to the loneliness and sadness. And that’s how it ends. Is that how it’s supposed to end in life too?

I, of course, believe that’s the pure truth.

I hear a knock on the door. It must be the piano repairman. I realize that it’s half an hour before he was supposed to come, but the sooner the better. Oh, I must’ve played Fur Elise over and over for the entire time! I open the door.

“Good evening”

Oh dear. It’s him.
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