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Adventure similar to National Treasure, Indiana Jones and The DaVinci Code.
Chapter 71

June 11, 27 CE – Cana – Galilee Province

The scar on Wilhelm’s handsome face stood out when he grinned. Dorbec had just made a very big mistake, for no one had ever beaten Wilhelm in hand-to-hand combat, with or without weapons. The knife just happened to be his best and favorite close in weapon.

“Hans ordered me to get rid of you once and I failed him.” Wilhelm looked into Dorbec’s eyes. “I’m ready to correct that little mistake. Half-breeds like you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.”

“Whenever you’re ready, pretty boy.” Dorbec dropped into the on guard position. He watched as Wilhelm dropped into an open stance using the fencing grip, a technique Dorbec frowned on. It was too easy to knock the knife loose in such a grip.

Dorbec preferred the hammer grip. A knife held in this fashion was less likely to be knocked from his grasp and can it also be used in conjunction with a punch or to deliver butt-end knife strikes. Unlike with the fencer's grip, the hammer grip can be used for chopping, slashing, and especially thrusting techniques.

Wilhelm had assumed the basic "triangle" stance. Also known as the "fencer's" stance, the triangle posture allowed him to move in any direction at a moment's notice. This stance also provided maximum reach because his knife was held in the hand nearest to Dorbec.

“I see you’ve had a bit of training,” Dorbec grinned at Wilhelm. “Filipino escrima style if my guess is correct.”

Wilhelm continued to circle in a counter-clock wise motion. “Surprised someone of your breeding could even recognize it.”

Both men started fencing back and forth. Dorbec appeared to be serious but his men could tell he was having fun with Wilhelm. Dorbec continued to hide behind his knife, keeping the knife between him and Wilhelm. He was alaternately attacking and blocking and parrying any thrusts Wilhelm made. After fifteen minutes of back and forth slashing, Wilhelm became frustrated. He could not get through Dorbec’s blocking.

Dorbec was holding his free hand close to his solar plexus to protect his heart and throat. Should Dorbec’s blade get through his defenses, his free hand would absorb the blade rather than one of his vital organs.

Wilhelm concentrated on distracting Dorbec. He was faking punches, throwing real punches and several times he reached down and threw sand into Dorbec’s face. Doebec was expecting each move and countered them with a grin.

After thirty minutes of serious fencing, Wilhelm was bcoming desperate. He tried every move in the book and Dorbec continued to counter them. He knew another technique, which fighters hated to see, was to aim for the opponent's weapon-wielding hand. By disabling Dorbec’s hand that held his weapon, he could neutralize the threat to his safety and gain the advantage.

Dorbec immediately noticed the change in technique. He could tell that Wilhelm was a sports fighter, someone who loved to get into the ring and pretend to fight, using all the martial arts moves he knew, combined with the knife. In Dorbec’s book, sports fighting was a farce.

“You’re pretty good,” Dorbec stood back and mopped his forehead with the back of his sleeve. “But you don’t know real fighting. There is no such thing as a professional knife fighter, even if you know every martial arts move there is.”

“I can see a few drops of blood coming from you,” Wilhelm grinned. “I don’t see any coming from myself.”

Dorbec bent over and grabbed a palm full of dry sand and washed his hands with it. “I’ll give you one last opportunity to live,” he stated. “As much as I want to kill you, like you butchered my men, I am willing to give you your life if you throw down the knife.”

Wilhelm felt sure he could take Dorbec. Dorbec was older, a little bit slower, and did not react as fast as a highly trained professional. “You’re a dead man.” He finally replied.

Dorbec wiped his knife on his sleeve, wrapped a leather strap around his left hand over a bleeding wound and motioned for Wilhelm to return to the on guard position. “A few things I have learned that you don’t know,” he smiled at Wilhelm.

Dorbec suddenly grabbed Wilhelm’s knife blade with the hand wrapped in leather. Wilhelm tried to pull his knife from the grip but Dorbec held on to it so tight he could not pull it loose.

“First, use the element of surprise. You are shocked that I grabbed your blade with what you thought was my bare hand. It isn’t bare, and the leather strapping I wrapped around it is strong enough to prevent you from pulling your blade free. I might get a cut or two, but you are now defensless.”

Welhelm was becoming desperate.

“Second.” Dorbec continued. “Many of my men in the Foreign Legion have spent time in prison. In prison they learn something called, the prison yard rush.” Dorbec slammed into Wilhelm knocking him to the ground. He straddled Wilhelm’s prone form.

“Finally,” Dorbec stated, “When you fight with a knife, you fight to kill. All this fancy falderal gets you nowhere.” With a firm slash he cut Wilhelm’s throat through the main juglar vein. Rich crimson blood spurted out, splashing over both fighters. Wilhelm grasped his throat to stop the sudden flow of blood. It did not help. Within minutes his eyes glazed over and the blood stopped pumping.

Ariana was looking at Dorbec with wide frightened eyes. She had never seen anyone fight before, much less kill another person. It was horrible, but somehow fascinating at the same time. She was suddenly ashamed of her thoughts.

“Should have used the prison yard rush first.” Monday commented, taking a sip of water. “It wasn’t sporting to make the fool dance for his death.”

Dorbec grabbed the skin from Monday and took a deep drink, splashing warm water over his dusty face. “After what he done to my men, he didn’t deserve a quick death.”

Monday pointed at the remaining Nazis. “What do we do with them?”

Dorbec finally noticed Ariana looking at him. The shock on her face was slowly fading. He knew that more killing was not the answer.

“Lars, tell them to remove all their clothing except their underwear. That includes Doctor Szekler and Fleischer.” After they had complied with the order, Dorbec grinned back at Monday.

Monday stood and walked over to the fifteen nearly naked men. “Jerusalem is in that direction,” he pointed southeast. “Those mountains are full of bandits, cutthroats, religious zealots, and revolutionaries,” he pointed east. “We are heading in that direction,” he pointed northeast. “If we seen any of you again, we will shoot to kill.”

Szekler looked as if he wanted to contradict the command or beg for mercy, but the look on Monday’s face told him it would be useless. Leutnant Beck and his twelve commandos held their heads high and headed east. If Fleischer’s eyes could kill, Monday would be dead. Fleischer glanced at Doctor Szekler with disdain and hurried to join the Nazis.

Monday ordered Scout to check the clothing of Wilhelm, Szekler and Leutnant Beck. Just as he thought, Beck and Wilhelm had communication devices that would contact the Nazi time ship. Based on what Ariana said about the Arianni timeships not responding, the Nazi ship may be their only means of returning to the future.

Monday looked at Chester. “I suggest you have your men dress in the Roman uniforms.” He pointed at the pile of uniforms and equipment left by the Nazis. “Roman patrols are less likely to bother us if they think we’re Roman soldiers.”

Dom walked over and started digging through Szekler’s disgarded items. He picked up a scroll and waved it at Monday. “I just became the new administrator from Rome.” Dom grinned. “We have to have some excuse for being here. If a sharp Roman officer notices our unusual accents and the fact that we do not belong to any local unit, he might become a bit suspicious.”

Monday called everyone together. He noticed the woman called Ariana stayed close to Dorbec but did not comment on it. “We have freed ourselves of our Nazi guards, and the majority of The Brotherhood pesonnel are dead. We know that two of them, Cencio and Khan, escaped and are probably attempting to complete their assassination mission. We can contact the Nazi time ship and deceive them into picking us up, or, we can try to find Cencio and Kahn and stop them. If we do prevent them from completing their mission, I understand our families are at risk.”

He left it up to the men to decide upon which direction they would take. After a few moments, Chester provided the answer. “We’ve been hiding for over a month, and we’ve tracked Cencio and Khan to Cana. We believe that our only course of action is to stop them. The Brotherhood’s plan must not be completed, regardless of the costs.”

“How far is it to Cana?” Monday asked.

Chester smiled. “We can be there by noon.”

Dorbec insisted that Ariana ride in the donkey cart along with their supplies. He and Chester filled Monday in on everything that happened since they were in Argentina. Monday was fascinated by news of the Arianni. When he gave them the details of his own capture by the Nazis and what the Nazis plans were, they were also astonished.

“You and Daria are sister and brother?” Monday glanced at Dorbec.

“Half sister,” Dorbec shrugged his shoulders. “The other part is of more concern to me right now.”

“Other part?” Monday wasn’t sure what he meant.

Chester cut in. “He means that if Jesus is assassinated, he may cease to exist.”

“Good God!” Monday exclaimed. “Are you certain they were not lying about that part, Jesus being your ancestor and all?”

“They seemed to be dead serious.”

Monday looked at his one time enemy whom he now considered a brother. “I guess that’s another very good reason to make sure that Cencio and Khan do not complete their mission.”

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