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Adventure similar to National Treasure, Indiana Jones, and The DaVinci Code.
Chapter 74

May 19, 2012 – McMurdo Station - Antarctica

They rushed to the outer bay area to glance through the small windows overlooking the landing field, swathed in dark twilight. Air Force Security personnel pulled up in vehicles and deployed to confront the threat.

Several moments later, a ramp opened in the side of the aircraft and two Nazi pilots emerged. Behind them, holding modern assault rifles, were two ancient Roman soldiers. It was difficult to identify them from the distance and in the poor lighting, but as soon as Monday started walking down the ramp, Daria recognized his particular gait.

Daria let out a yell. “Monday!”

She ran for the door and out into the freezing weather. As soon as Monday saw her emerge from the building, followed by a small group of people, he ran to meet her. The last few feet Daria launched herself at him and he caught her in mid air. It was several minutes before either of them could catch a breath. They were so overcome with joy and relief they did not even notice the incredible cold.

Finally, it dawned on them that they were literally freezing. “We’d better get inside before you stick to my armor.” Monday headed towards the entrance to the building carrying Daria in his arms. She was still talking and kissing him at the same time.

Wrapped in a cocoon of warmth inside the building, they finally separated enough to notice the people surrounding them. It was a strange looking group. Roman soldiers, futuristic looking Nazis, Navy SEALS, some in Roman tunics, modern dress, and still others in ancient clothing. For the first time Daria noticed Dorbec and the thick coating of dried blood on his Roman armor.

Dorbec was hovering protectively near Ariana with smile of contentment on his rugged face. He nodded to Ariana and approached Daria. Looking down at her, his face suddenly became somber. “Forgive me?” Dorbec asked.

Daria reached for his hand then gave him a wide smile. “I’d ask for a big hug, brother, but I think you need to clean yourself up first.”

Dorbec finally noticed the filthy; blood drenched Roman armor he was wearing. Shrugging, he turned and motioned for Ariana to join them. “This is Ariana.” He introduced her to Daria. “This is my little sister, Daria.”

Daria reached for Ariana’s hand and looked closely at her. She saw a petite, absolutely beautiful young woman. In fact, Daria believed that she had never seen a woman as physically perfect and attractive as Ariana. She could also tell just from watching her that Ariana was perfectly poised and in full control of herself.

They all glanced at the door as it opened and a freezing blast of wind rushed in. Lieutenant Beartalker entered and quickly closed the door. He went directly over to Monday. “I asked the Air Force dudes to hide that flying disk in one of the aircraft hangers,” he stated. “We might have use for it.”

“Nice to see someone’s thinking.” Monday grabbed Beartalker’s hand and then hugged him like a brother. “You’ve come a long way since Loyola kid.”

“Eight years in the SEALS,” Beartalker grinned. “Been thinking about taking up archeology. Seems a bit more exciting than running around the world training with every military force in existence.”

Monday noticed a strangely dressed but very attractive woman standing in the background. He nodded his head in her direction.

“Ms. Megan MacKenzie.’ Beartalker stated. “She’s a scientist from New York, here to work on the Earth Crust Displacement. My Team is here to protect her.’

“I’ll be!’ Monday thought. “It was Megan.” The last time he had seen her was in grad school. She was working on her Doctoral thesis and he was just taking over as a novice professor.

He finally caught Megan’s eye. She walked over in her Mickey Mouse boots and stood before him. Megan looked up into his ruggedly handsome face then at the petite beauty of Daria.

“A good match,” she stated. “How are you professor?”

Monday smiled. “A little disoriented and hungry as hell. It’s nice to see you again Megan.”

“You too.” Megan replied. “I know everyone is excited about the success of your mission and happy to be reunited, but, we have some very serious problems going on right now that we cannot afford to ignore for very long.”

“Business as usual,” Monday beamed. “I agree though, the dark stuff is about to hit the fan and we don’t have an umbrella.’

Daria could not understand what he meant, but he did not take the time to explain it to her.

“Listen up!” Monday yelled to get everyone’s attention. “Hot showers, a change of clothing, half an hour’s rest, then we all meet in the cafeteria. Any questions?”

An hour later they all sat in the cafeteria enjoying a hot meal and refreshing drinks. There was not a conference room large enough to hold the group so they arranged the tables into an impromptu meeting place.

Doctor Rienzi asked Monday to briefly go over his view of events as they stood.

“We successfully prevented the Brotherhood from completing their plan.” Monday began. “Some things I do not know the status of. I assume the government is still holding the families of my men, and what impact the Brotherhood’s failure will have on their status I can only surmise. I believe that history has not been effected by our actions in the past. I understand that the Nazis have started their program to rotate the Earth’s crust and that we may be at war with them. Where we go from here I can only guess.”

Dom stood and looked at the group. “I have been told by the Nazi pilots that the Arianni time ships were destroyed while they were waiting in orbit to retrieve their charges. I do not know the status of the Arianni and the Brotherhood pact. Ariana told me that The Brotherhood was blackmailing her people with the threat of nuclear destruction if they did not cooperate. How this ties in with the new threat of the Nazi’s I also don’t know.”

“If your bases are located deep underground like those of the Nazis, how can the Brotherhood nuke them?” Beartalker asked Ariana.

“Allegedly, they have secretly planted small nuclear devices inside each base,’ Ariana replied. “We only have their word and the threat.”

Megan looked over and almost raised her hand. “Do you think your people will be willing to assist us against the Nazi threat?”

“My people are incapable of violence. Without the Brotherhood threat, they may agree to offer technological assistance. I will do everything I can to persuade them.”

“We can use the Nazi time ship to go to the main Arianni base,” Chester cut in. “Perhaps we can persuade them to help.”

“We may also be able to use an Arianni ship to infiltrate that Nazi base under Antarctica,” Chester added. “Where they have their device hidden.”

“What about the situation with General Jones?” Dorbec asked. “If we do not have the full cooperation of all governments, we may be doomed to loose from the start.”

“It’s time to trigger your own blackmail bomb.” Beartalker said to Meagan. Everyone looked at her with curiosity.

Megan explained what she had done and the decision was made to give the President and other leaders one more chance before she sent out the secret code that would activate the information.

“What about Mueller?” Daria looked at Monday. “We have to stop him from changing the past.”

Dom took the floor again. “Based on our ordeal, I do not think the past can be changed so easily. The Brotherhood could not assassinate Jesus; it was as if God prevented it. They did manage to assassinate Pontius Pilate by mistake, but I think history was unaffected.”

Megan, Doctor Rienzi and several others looked puzzled. Finally Megan spoke. “What does Pontius Pilate have to do with anything?”

“He was the Roman governor who turned Jesus over to be crucified,’ Dom answered.

Doctor Rienzi glanced at Megan then turned to Dom. “Pontius Pilate was Prefect (not procurator, as some sources say) of Judea during the reign of Emperor Tiberius Caesar. He was the fifth Roman appointed to govern Judea. He was assassinated shortly after his appointment by a mob in 27 CE and replaced by Lucius Vitellius, the youngest son of Publius Vitellius, Quaestor under Augustus. Lucius Vitellius was the Prefect who turned Jesus over to be crucified.

“Oh my God!” Dom said. “In recorded world history, before we left, it was Pilate who delivered Jesus into the hands of the Jews. He was killed in 27 CE by Khan’s mercenaries. History has been changed!”

“Meaning that Mueller can change history also,’ Monday stated.

“Which leaves us with several major problems.” Doctor Rienzi looked around the group. “Our first concern is the Earth Crust Displacement and how to stop it. Defeating the Nazis will take care of that situation, if it can be done. Secondly, we must send someone back through time to find and kill or capture Mueller. And finally, we’ve got to either persuade the world leaders to help against the Nazis or expose them for what they are. Special Operations Forces cannot do it alone. The aid of the Arianni would also go a long way in this situation. A lot to think about.”

“Does anyone know the full extent of what is happening?” Megan asked. “Has the world been alerted?”

“As far as the rest of the world is concerned, life goes on as usual,” Doctor Rienzie answered. “What has it been, two months, since you and Daria found the message hidden in Paula Wolff’s burial dress. The rest of the world knows absolutely nothing about the danger they are in. The Earth Crust Displacement has not advanced far enough to effect them yet."

“That’s about to change!” Megan stood and headed for the communications building.

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