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Adventure similar to National Treasure, Indiana Jones, and The DaVinci Code.
Chapter 75

May 19, 2012 – Frija Base – The Moon

Hans quietly closed the doors behind him. The Fuhrer had not left his room since he was told that the criminal Mueller had abducted his granddaughter. No one on the base knew about the incident except a few military personnel who Hans had complete control of.

“Good evening my Fuhrer.” Hans walked over to a small table where Hitler was having a late meal. Hitler looked up at him with hope in his eyes.

Hans replied with little empathy. “She landed at McMurdo Station in Antarctica a few hours ago. She was in on the plot with Mueller. Your granddaughter is a traitor to her people. The Americans fired missles at our aircraft when I demanded she be returned to us.”

“She was coerced and abducted,” Hitler replied. “She will return.”

“She is an accomplice!” Hans spat. “And we must declare war on the Americans and eventually the rest of the world.”

Hitler looked up at him in anger. “In six months the shift will be completed. Another six months after that, it will be safe for our people to begin a new life on the planet. We will not start a war. We will not risk the lives of our people.”

“We are not meant to be pacivist like the Arianni!” Hans yelled back. “We are the master race. It is our destiny to rule the world. Our men and women must taste the fruits of victory, feel the surge of power that comes with destroying their enemies. They must learn to rule the masses that are left with an iron fist. We must teach them how to rule by practicing on the defective races of the world.”

“You’re a mad man. Did you not learn a lesson from the last war?” Hitler reached for the intercom button on his desk.

Hans pulled a small pistol from his pocket and aimed it at Hitler. “You are not the Hitler of history, merely a weak likeness, an imitation. Our people deserve a stronger leader.”

“The people will not accept the murderer of their Fuhrer as a leader,” Hitler replied. He was calm and showed no fear.

“No, they will not.” Hans smiled. “When they learn that your granddaughter murdered you then escaped to Earth with a criminal, they will not accept her. But, they will accept the man who has stood by your side since he was born.”

Hans pulled the trigger. The round hit Hitler in the forehead and came out the back of his head, carrying bone fragments, brains, and blood with it. Hitler was dead before his body settled back into the chair.

The door burst open and two guards rushed in. They looked at the body of Hitler, then at Hans. “Call the doctor,” Hans ordered. “I have just found our leader. He was assassinated by his granddaughter before she turned traitor and fled.”

The guards smiled. They were hand picked by Hans for their role in the coup.

Hans walked over to Hitlers desk and picked up the book Hitler had been ruling. The title was, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

“Romantic fool!” Hans threw the book back down on the desk and pulled his secure cell phone from his breast pocket.

“Connect me with the President of the United States,’ he told his communications officer.

Within seconds he was on the line. “I assume you have heard that our plan to assassinate Jesus has failed.” The President spoke before Hans could say anything. “That damn Special Forces Team interdicted them.”

“We go to Operation Hydra,” Hans replied. “As head of the organization I am ordering all Brotherhood members to stand by to create as much chaos as possible. You know the details.”

“You do know that my authority has been usurped by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” the President stated.

“The Fuhrer is dead,” Hans smiled. “I am the leader of New Germany, the New World Order of the Fourth Reich. I have just ordered my forces to prepare for war. Your job is to disrupt resistance as much as possible. Have your rogue General arrested and terminated if necessary. Your government was founded on the principal of civilian authority, was it not?”

“He has a considerable number of Special Operations Forces under his command. Those bastards are mustangs by nature. It takes a special breed of men to do the things they eagerly volunteer to do. They may put up tough resistance.”

“If you cut the head off the snake, the body will die.” Hans was tired of arguing with the idiot. He had placed men in powerful positions around the globe so he could use them to complete his plans. He thought he had bought the best that money and greed could buy. Perhaps this President was not the man he thought he was. “Need I remind you that you are expendible.” Hans drove the nail home.

“I will not fail,” the President replied.

“Remember, the media is not to learn of Operation Hydra it is too late.”

“Them, I do have under control.”

“Then do your damn job!” Hans slammed the phone shut and put it back into his pocket. He allowed his anger to abate for a few moments, then made another call.

“You are to destroy McMurdo Base immediately,” Hans ordered his Field Marshall. “We cannot allow them to use the time ship or escape or to warn others.”

“A pity,” Hans thought. “The Fuhrer’s granddaughter would have made a great figurehead to help keep the people in line. Too bad she has been corrupted by the modern decadent German society.”

Hans had a satisfied smile on his face as he left the room. He was not concerned about Hitler’s second clone, there was plenty of time to get rid of it. Hans needed to check on the progress of the third time ship under construction. He knew he would have to deal with Mueller eventually.

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