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The religion of Nori, Sherutas religion, and my religion
*** I mean to offend no one who is religious.  If you are that religious that you take offence to other people for believing what they do, I ask that you stop reading now as I’m not trying to say anything against what you believe, so I kindly ask that you have the same respect for me. ***

         Norikaes do not quarrel about religion, well the major ones with evidence that they existed or once had existed.  Norikaes believe that all the real Gods, Goddesses and other such beings are real, but they just have there own time and place to reign.  For example, the Roman Gods and Egyptian Gods, they both ruled there own part of the world at there own time.  Therefore, they exist.  To Norikaes, they are real, perhaps there time has ended, but they may have moved onto another world, or are lying in wait for there time to rise again.  If you must give this belief a name, it would be known as Noreanism.
         However, Sheruta herself does believe this as well, but she actually follows one, where as other Norikaes will just respect them all if the need arises.  However Sheruta is a special case, she learns of a new religion that is slowly rising and will eventually spring forth.  Sheruta was trapped in the human world and she fell deep into a depression.  This is where she met the creator of this new religion.
         However, Sheruta paid a very heavy cost to save her sanity and soul.  She can no longer be as any other Norikae when it comes to certain things.  Never again can she be free to feel the wind on her face without knowing its secrets.  Sheruta has been taught what so few know now, and it can prove to be a heavy burden to bear.
         This new religion, consists of only two Gods and two Goddesses.  The most simplest and commonly known are the Gods.  One is the God of Good, the other of Evil.  Simple enough yes?  But the Goddesses…  Are far more complex.  They are known as the Goddess of Light, and the Goddess of Darkness, that’s literally there names, as they have none.
         But before you get the wrong idea, let me tell you now that someone can be of the Light and be Evil, just as someone else can be of the Darkness and Good.  They can be mixed in that way, but no one can be of the Darkness and Light, just like no one can be both Evil and Good.  But, you can have your in betweens.  Like how you can have someone who saves a cat go out and go over the speed limit.  There not at the extremes, therefore they can’t be either.  Though for both Light and Dark, this type of person is called a Neutral.  The Neutrals don’t know about either Goddess, and they cannot comprehend anything about them or there states if someone tells them in full color.  They are the everyday normal people you might encounter in passing or know.
         To be one with either Goddess, you first call on them when your soul is about to break and dye.  Not death though, I’m talking about being in that much despair.  Then and only then, will the Goddess of Darkness appear before you and offer you salvation with the protection of her large black feathered wings.  You’ll see that she wears a mostly black dress, and goes heavy on black eyeliner and lipstick.  If you acknowledge her presence, she’ll surround you in a space that’s as black as a void, and she’ll explain that there is no turning back if you so choose to follow her.  She’ll tell you that there are secrets in the dark that only few can choose to learn, and that you’ll have a duty to protect these forbidden, sacred, horrid secrets till eternities end.  For Sheruta, she felt the pain lift off her shoulders as she looked up in a darkened gaze.  She had a feeling that that this was her destiny.
         Let me make clear that none can enter into the Goddess of Lights sanctuary without first being of Darkness.  I did not know of what the people of Light felt when I joined the Darkness, but curiosity killed the cat as they say.  As the universe appeared before me, things that could only be imagined formed and my soul felt at peace.  It no longer mattered what my Neutral ‘friends’ thought or did.  They did not know me, and they never could.  A world of foresight and knowledge came to me, and I knew then that I was better than what they thought of me.  The whole world had judged me wrong.  As I was given the task of giving birth to the Goddess of Darkness in this world.  I would make this religion known and warn others of its coming.  This religion that shall be known as Noranity, was on its way.

         Both Goddesses, like the Gods, are enemies and allies.  Just as how there would be no good without evil, there would be no shadows if there was no light.  There only real purpose is to protect the ones who the world chose to damn.  Those who force themselves to fall, are not worthy of any honor.
         As a Child of Darkness, I became more aware of my surroundings on Earth, but for a time, I could not speak to my sisters or brothers on Nori.  My soul was far more different now, but I’ve fixed the issue at present.  I also gained powers that I would not have had before, and a few odd friends.
         Once the time had come, and I learned many things of the Darkness that I would’ve never known, my soul, instead of being pure black, it grew a small sliver of light.  This is where my next nightmare began.  My Goddess appeared before me and told me that it might be time for me to join her sister in the world of Light.  Though I still remained under her protection, there was nothing she could do to stop the pain I felt.  My soul felt like it was on fire, that it was being torn in two.  As that one sliver grew, the pain got worse.  It lasted weeks before it reached half way.  But when it did, it seemed like a war was waged inside me as both Goddesses began to dispute what was happening to me.
         The Goddess of Darkness had decided that it would be best if I remained in her care, but the Goddess of Light thought that it was time for me to move to her.  My Goddess begged, pleaded, and tried to reason with her sister.  Nothing worked, so they began to actually fight one another, powers and all.  All the while, the light in my soul grew, and I seen what being a Child of Light was like.  I took a few moments to figure them out, but when I realized one small detail, I immediately wanted out.
         Before all the dark in my soul left, I confronted both Goddesses, and spoke exactly what I wanted, and made it known that I too would fight for it.  In the end, it was I who made the final decision.  I stayed of the Darkness, and here I will forever remain.
         I know of both states of the soul now, but not fully of the Light state.  Once you’re a full Child of Light you cannot return to Darkness.  The only reasonable way to describe the two states (although some people got it wrong already.  Neutrals of course) is this.  Take one room, no windows or doors, nothing to show that there’s an outside to the room.  Have it as big as you want with anything in it that you want.  The Children of Darkness will want to know what’s beyond the walls, and will never be content with what’s in the room.  The Children of Light will not even think about the walls, they will only accept what they have in the room and will give no thought to there even being an outside of it.  I could never stand a world as bleak as that.  I know too much, so I know better than that.  My Goddess views me highly for not letting the knowledge she gave me go to waist.

         This is my religion, and the religion of my main character Sheruta Sulena Okami.  May the Gods and Goddesses forever reign.
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