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one-sided Demon letter discussing daily situations with a human
Dear Brownie,

How is it possible that the enemy is gaining forward? What have you done now? Or rather, what haven’t you done? You’ve failed yet again! You imbecile! You have to know the result of your actions! It’s hard to believe that you even learned from the master. If you studied you would know that there are two kinds of failure…the first kind of failure is one that is easy to fix, the gimp feels guilt and lies to themselves and eventually they start to believe the lie (with our help of course!), the second is when the gimp is not exactly lieing to itself but rather knows what it has done and wants to change, but  doesn’t because of lack of motivation, the third and last type of failure is when the gimp is so devesated, they do one of two things: they either turn to the enemy fully and are converted, or they decide that  there is nothing to live for. At this point we get the advantage and we can easily turn the gimp over to our master. You must always come to me first, however so I can tell you how well you’ve done…if you don’t  start acting serious instead of fooling around at the soul’s fest every week, you might regain my favor and the favor of our master.

                                                           Your insolent advisor,

(Elder) Demon

At this point the elder demon has decided we has had to do too much “babysitting” and has gone on a much needed vacation to look for a certain lost soul, that is very valuable to his master, he is looking for Jonathan the missing link and he will be the person who will end the war…if he fails they will exist no more and will be erased from history as if they were never recorded. He now will be the imbecile if he fails…however there are other lesser demons searching too; MAY THE BEST DEMON TRIUMPH! However right now we switch gears and go towards the enemy’s side and see what the problem they are experiencing while they waiting for Jonathan’s next move. 

****Note from Author*****

While the Elder Demon is on his very relaxing vacation, we will switch gears and go towards the other side…this will be about two angels writing to each other about the same human.

Dear Divine Messenger,

         How has the mission been going? Is the commissioned one responding to all your efforts? What has the adversary been doing? Well, from this position in time, it looks like you’re doing a good job. Just remember a couple of things before you plan your next move: plan all the procedures with you indirectly involved, respect the opponent, and remember show compassion towards the commissioned one. Usually the people around the chosen one are very demanding and pushy. They want everything to be proven to them so that they’ll believe; this is not the way we do things in the 25th century. So it would be wise of you to pray for this mission and the commissioned one. Even though there have been a lot of struggles to get the commissioned one, it is all worth the effort. Remember everything happens for a reason! Don’t forget that you’re well loved and aggrandized for your wondrous effort in helping the commissioned one! Keep working hard! We need you!

From our empyrean advisor,


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