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A preface unfolds on the edge of humanity...
                             THE EDGE OF HUMANITY

         We settled in a dark recess of the underground labyrinth, wondering if we would survive this misguided mission. Our adventure was now an undulating farce. We found ourselves lost and weary in a dismal abyss. As the hours unfolded, we had become completely lost and scared in blackness of pitch. Reassuring words drifted somewhere far away as depravation of direction smothered our souls. Water trickled down the wall of rock as we nestled down for a bit of sleep.
         After sleeping awhile, time lost its face. Unease and eeriness closed in on our fragmented minds. Pressing close, we slowly stood. Then shuffling across the unlevel, ever-changing ground beneath our feet, we blindly staggered onward, thirsty for sunlight and air.
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