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Some people should not give out ratings.
Some people should not rate another person‘s poems. Some people simply do not know what they're doing. Of this I am absolutely convinced. Let me explain.

Yesterday I posted a poem that is technically perfect. Flow, rhythm, rhyme, meter--it is flawless. Moreover, it is exceptionally creative, cute and witty. If you think my bias precedes me, let me say that this poem won first prize in a nationwide contest, so what I say is supported.

Anyway, when I went on-line to check my mail, I began reading my reviews, and I was pleased to see a number of 5.0's ( all 5.0’s in fact ) along with bravo-like comments. But then I opened one mail and read this:

“I don't have anything to add, other than that was fun to read.”

“Okay,” I thought, “That's an all-right comment, I can appreciate that.”

But then I saw the rating: 3.0 stars.

I responded to the reviewer thusly:

“I'm glad it was a fun read, but I sure would appreciate knowing what you found wrong with the poem to only rate it a 3.0. What are the
flaws and /or errors? All other reviews are 5.0, so I would really like to know; is it your contention that this is just average??? I get the
impression you are totally ignorant of the rating system. If someone is going to cast a masterpiece in the light of mediocrity, then the
very least they could, and should do is to justify it. And I can honesty say that this poem is a masterpiece, having placed first in a
nationwide contest. You obviously liked it, so what gives? Giving this poem a 3.0 without reason is just stupid."

And I stand by it. Some people simply do not know what they're doing.

I am an engineer, and in my world things have to make sense because if they don't, buildings and bridges will fall down. Equations must balance, logic must prevail...'A' must equal 'A'.

But in the case of this perplexing 3.0, there is no sense. If there were flaws or errors, if it was a lousy poem (or even an average poem), then it would make sense. But it makes no sense. No reason given.

It'd be like a student acing a calculus exam, and then getting a “C” for a grade. I can just hear the professor: “It was fun grading your test. You got all the problems right. I'm giving you a “C.” ( The bridges all fall down.)

Some people should not give out ratings, just as bricklayers should not do brain surgery.

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