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He wanted to hear her sing.
Write a story that includes the words: song, crystal, cross.  Word count = 300.

Siren’s Call

He kissed his cross and tucked it in his shirt before he had his men tie him to the mast. They were approaching the infamous turquoise waters where sailors ventured, never to return.  Before they bound him, he verified that each of the men’s ears was filled with candle wax.  He couldn’t risk them hearing the siren’s song, but he longed to hear it.

Since childhood, he’d heard how the enchanting sea-nymphs used their voices to lure sailors to their underwater palaces.  Were they just stories?

The wind picked up, howling and luffing the sails.  Clouds converged, darkening the sky.  His men fought the rising elements to keep the ship on course.  Waves pounded the boat up and down, throwing his weight from side to side, the ropes cutting his circulation.

Then he heard it, in the water, near the rocks.  She was there with her undulating green hair floating around her.  Waving to him, she sang, beckoning.

His breathing quickened.  His heart pounded.  He had to break free.  The mermaid’s voice intensified, its melody urging him to join her.  Why were his arms bound?  He pulled and tugged.  His arms bled, still he could not break free.

She waved and submerged just beneath the water.  Her voice amplified, pulling his body, calling, commanding him to join her.

The boat heaved to the starboard.  A loose pot flew at him and broke, cutting his fetters.  He was free.  His men saw him.  She called, her arms held out to him.  He ran to the edge and dove.

Her melodious voice summoned.  He coughed, but he had to reach her.  The rocks, she was near the rocks.  When he finally made it to her, she embraced him and kissed him.  Together they sank, deeper, deeper into the crystal waters.

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