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As a pilot ejects from a fighter jet that is about to explode.
                                                                                                                THE PILOT

      The Mitsubishi G4MZE/Zero,was closing in on its objective. The Zero carried a deadly load. Zero, as it was called by the Allied Forces, because of the circle on the wings.

      Slung onto the under carriage of the Zero was the newest, purpose-built, jet-engine, kamikazi areroplane, the Yokusuka MXY; Ohka - the Cherry Blossom. As with almost everything in this war, it was nicknamed – Baka, meaning idiot by both sides. The sole purpose of the Baka was to deliver a payload of 2600 pound high explosives to an Allied Forces ship.

      There was a limit of approximately 20 miles flying time at an average speed of 535 miles per hour . This was a one way ticket to the final target. This was a flying bomb.

      The pilot of Baka was a volunteer. After a period of rigorous training complimented by physical and mental abuse at the hands of his trainers, one thing was drilled into his mind.
      Loyalty and honor until death. To be captured would be perceived a shame, defeat was not to be considered and suicide was preferable to failure.

      The pilot was trained well, his mind cleared of all personal thoughts, eyes on the fast approaching target, instructed to keep his eyes open till the final moment.

      The Zero dropped the Baka and the jet engine started up on the 'bomb'.

      In those final moments, involuntary thoughts and images flashed through the pilots mind. The letters of farewell he wrote to his family, to tell all - their son's final heroic act, 'their son, the HERO'.  They will be able to keep their heads up high and everyone will honor his family-name. That is their way, that is what is expected from him.

      He sees his comrades drinking; shouting; singing; screaming; some quietly sitting staring into the unknown, others with their heads down, and some writing their last letters, diaries, which will be all they leave behind.

      Then an odd thought crept into his mind … he had forgotten to return his library books. What a thing to do!
      The chief librarian will eventually write a letter to his superiors and demand action. His superiors will be forced to spend hours and hours to find the books he did not return. They will contact his parents and ask if the books are there. They will all remember him as the one who did not return the library's books. What a dishonor!

      The target loomed bigger and bigger into his eyesight and one last thought entered his mind … EJECT ... find a way back, amend the dishonor and fly another Baka.

      With that single thought, he reached next to him to where the EJECTOR lever was. He took it firmly into his grip and pulled hard. With amazement, he looked at the lever in his hand with no connection to anything else, and as he looked closer, in the clear flash of light ... there … clearly in English - MADE IN JAPAN

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