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Muslim extremists accuse 7 year old of spying and hang him in Afghanistan.
7 Year Old hanged by the Taliban

By: Craig Tattan

If this headline doesn't sicken you, I suggest you gather a search party and look for your soul.  This is radical Islam at it's worst, yet this is just another in a series of atrocities perpetrated by the "holy" men who espouse faith but practice only evil.  Isn't it about time the peace loving Muslim world rise up in a collective voice and say, no more?  If not now, then when?  The following is an open letter to the Muslim community:

Like any religion Islam’s constitution is merely words on a page and pages in a book.  It is a doctrine, like all religions, that can be construed, contorted and yes even perverted depending on one's viewpoint.  Christianity operated in much the same way as radical Islam today, during the Crusades and the Inquisition.  Lands were invaded and cultures decimated by the steely tip of a self righteous sword wielded in the name of Jesus Christ.  During the Middle Ages all those who shunned Christianity were considered heretics and their choice was simple… conversion or death.

Today, the radical Muslims refer to the non-believers not as heretics but as infidels and they have an end game as well.  Conversion to Islam is the mandate they preach and those who do not blindly obey will suffer the wrath of the radicals’ own self righteous piety.  It is a backward thinking philosophy whose foundation is rooted in fear, hate and a corrupt moral imperative.  We cannot pretend that the terrorists we are fighting are anything but Muslims.  They are not Jews, Catholics, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or even pagan witches.  They are all Muslims and the terrorists themselves make no excuses nor do they purport to be anything but.  However, to assume they are genetically predisposed to wreaking havoc and mayhem throughout the civilized world is preposterous.  They are the products of a culture that inculcates their progeny with an education in misogyny not equality.  Women are viewed as property with no rights, no voice and no options.  Children are fed a steady toxin of malignant rhetoric which pollutes the mind and poisons the soul.  They are the innocents of today who shall become the terrorists of tomorrow.  They are not born this way, they are bred this way.  It is a culture of paralyzing intractability where might always makes right.  The collateral damage suffered by innocent men, women and children as a result of their blatant disregard for attacking wherever and whenever, is justified and even sanctified in their minds by the dogma they follow and the God they worship.

Therefore, we must challenge the Muslim community to speak out more vigilantly and vociferously against the extremists or suffer the same slings and arrows as those they refuse to condemn.  We like to paint everything with a broad brush. It makes it easy to tell the good guys from the bad.  Yet we should treat Muslims with the same respect we treat others but we should also demand they do the same.  Therefore, if the peace loving Muslims wish to join our fight we welcome their assistance. If they do not then they cannot expect to avoid the scrutiny and skepticism from the very citizens who provide the warm blanket of freedom with which they are all too willing to wrap themselves.

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