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When others can't seem to forget the past.
“Can I Come Down Now”

I know it was bad too often and too soon
If they invent a Time machine off we’ll zoom
What can I do for you forgive me for your childhood?
I have tried all I know and yet It still isn’t enough for you

If answers are needed don’t get upset,
The past is the past but still hard to forget
I can’t change to past but the future is not set
Please ask all your questions and put your mind at rest
I am not that person; she is gone forever
The choices I made looked like they were the best life had to offer

The woman I am now, thanks to God’s leading hand
This is the Mother I offer to you and I’m taking a stand
I haven’t asked for you to meet me halfway
I own going the extra, but I can’t go the entire way
I have gone as far as I can and I will stand strong
Remember if love is the reason it isn’t wrong
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