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Overcoming Life's hardships and lessons learned
Dark smoke fills the night air, as the brilliant flames dance to a rhythm as old as time.
Ghostly faces appear in the haze as the sparking embers
ignite and throb with a life all their own.

Swirling, haunting, taunting, they stalk the night by the fire's glow.
An unearthly sight, as the past is called into account,
and the hour of reckoning is at hand.

The peace of the night gently stirs as the unholy shrieks, of a life long gone, die out on the wind.
Fading, finally, into the abyss of things resolved and forgiven,
things left in the dust of the past.

The power of The Human Heart to expand and contract in response to the turbulent tide of life,
is illuminated in the amber glow of the ashes, shifting, growing, morphing into a new and stronger spirit.

Years speed by, like birds in flight,
reminders of how it all began,
a testament to where it will end.

The gloom of the passing night begins to lift,
as the fog retreats in the path of the coming dawn.
Faint, rosy glimmers of soft morning streak across the sky,
as the flames of regret burn down to ashes of lessons learned, experiences that have been survived,
a life that is meant to be wholeheartedly lived.

Rising from the ashes, a new and mended spirit greets the day.
Whole and unfettered, glorious and pulsing with new purpose,
a new direction.
The shadows of doubt left behind
with the memories of yesterday.

Much like the mythical Phoenix,
spreading its fiery plumage
and raising its proud head,
to face a Brand New Day.
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