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An opinion piece on the role humans should play on this earth, what we can aspire to.
It is both humbling and inspiring to be what we are, just complicated animals. People don't seem to remember that we are merely another type of animal, another of thousands of species of mammals. We are arrogant when it comes to defining and realizing our place on this planet. We are only a part of the planet, as the organs in our body are a part of us. Not even as functionally necessary as organs. Earth does not need us to survive, as we depend on our hearts and lungs. We are not integral players upon this stage. The Earth functioned perfectly well before our species roamed the Earth, perhaps better. We think we are rulers, subjugating the Earth to our needs, without realizing we need the planet to sustain us. Therefore, we must in turn sustain it.

All other species play their part naturally. They don't think about it, they are in instinctive balance, tuned and checked by nature, whereas we have grown to big for our britches!!! Our instincts are not more complex than these animals, quite the opposite, for we have lost touch with the intuitional part of our natures. I don't know if one is superior vis a vis the other, they are just different. Our brains and egos have overwhelmed that part of ourselves. Perhaps our brain structure has become so complex that we can no longer access or realize what portion of our thoughts are instinctual and which are not, and how to react accordingly.

These days life is very complicated. There is so much input for each circumstance we meet, so much information, so much stimulation. This leads, I believe, to too much thinking, not enough reacting. We will surely think ourselves to death someday. This does, however, put us more in control of our fates, our lives. Animals have no control, no options, they just do what comes naturally. With no control over the direction of their lives, they seamlessly fit into the natural world, while we are at odds with this Earth that sustains and nurtures us. We can make choices and inform our actions to create a specific outcome. Lets make the right decisions, and become stewards of our world, give back what we take, appreciate the bounty all around us. In this, we at least, can aspire to become integral to life on this planet, instead of acting in a parasitic way.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1683113