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A quiet place for a massage

                I just happened upon this oasis in 1996. I remember looking at the Pasaqua River
    as I walked down the steps to the front door. There was a man at the desk to the right.
    He greeted me with a friendly smile, "New here?" I explained that I just drove over after having
    a meal at the Sea Gull Restaurant. "It's $75.00 to get through the door. Tips are negotiable
    with the women." I gave him cash. I was suspicious. He gave me a towel and a locker padlock.
    I kept my fanny pack strapped on around my towel and wore my t-shirt. I was not leaving my
    wallet in their locker. In the locker area I saw several half dressed Kittery police officers.
    I wonder if they were investigating or maybe they didn't care. There were showers to the right
    of the lockers and a jacuzzi at the back to the left of the whirlpool were two toilet stalls and behind
    a door. The door lead into a greeting room, where slender ladies walked about in high heels and
    nylons and brightly colored one piece jump suits. I thought is this a Playboy Club?
                I had a ticket that Reiny the door man had given me. He said I should give the ticket to
    the girl I wanted. I was distracted by the 250 gallion, African Cyclic aquarium. I like fish.
    A girl came over to me and waved her hand slowly in front of my eyes. I look over to her.
    "I'm Trina. You want a massage?" she said and handed me a cup of o-jay. I passed the ticket
    to her. She gave a big toothy smile and walked back to the entrance to give Reiny the ticket.
    There was a strong oder of chlorine, coming from the jacuzzi. Trina walked briskly in front of me
    to a door at the back of the greeting room and to a hallway with many doors. I watched her shoulders
    and hips move like she was dancing. In the massage room there was a table to lay on and a full
    length mirror that covered the left wall. I suspected I could be video taped through two-way glass.
    But, I had nothing to loose. I had had several massages with licensed massage therapists.
    So, I removed my clothing and lay on the table. My illusions were lifted when Trina removed her
    clothing as well. I knew I was in for more than a massage.
                "Are you a police officer?" she asked. I sat up on the edge of the table. "No. What's
    on the menu?" I asked with a smirk. "How much do you want to tip?" she answered with a
    toothy smile. I had no clue. "$200.00?" I answered fully erect as I stood holding my fanny pack.
    I've discovered that the going rate was 100.00-150.00 for sexual intercourse. I enjoy sex with
    women and men. It's not a serious event in my opinion. I have been in love. I can keep the
    two experiences separate. So, Trina and I had sex. So, whoopy-do!
                  The Danish Health Spa stayed in business for twenty years. It did not disrupt the
    neighborhood. There were no police raids and no loud parties. No one could see what was
    happening inside. The women were treated well and there were plenty of Kittery officers
    there to protect them. They had their own bouncers. It was a quite massage parlor.
    The FBI raided the Danish Health Spa in 2004. The spa had opened in 1986.
    Do you expect anyone to believe that the police didn't know what was going on there?
    Well, the prostitutes have moved on to escourt services. I don't see why this should be
    criminal. How much does a man spend on a date for sex? Does he have to marry every woman
    he has sex with? That's my story.

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