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Inspiration pounces in many ways, take today and let's play,

There I am reading my mail … Author's day, Fyn's way.

Somebody is living in Neverland or a whopper storyteller anyday.

As I drool of 'a coffee for me', I get up to make one for myself - you see?

From the other room, there's a boom ..”as you are up, bring me some too.”

(And there is the Greg, kissing some one's wife, in a story about another life -)

written by a frustrated author, that's clear to me,

he never closes the story with a punchline or an end, he carries on and on.

I assume the pay is good at the end, Masimoto has risen again.

And all the woman say, “what a story and he's so nummy – anyday!”

Then there's this Dr. Pill, what has he got that I have not?

(“Now did you hear, you sit in front of the computer everyday, think you are gonna be a writer,

And back at the ranch, slaving over a stove, minding the kids and being blue,

There's a wife being a widow to a dead, living writer.”)

Says the 'opposition' to me, "Do you see, that's me!"

There's struggle and strive, for this poem I must write, or a story tell, the contest prompt is from hell.

Words deny, thoughts are gone, how do you spell, when all is wong?

As soon as I have done my chores for the day, a grand story will come my way.

Hemingway; I'll be or maybe Steinbeck; by the way?

All that is needed is for someone to say,

“Don't fret yourself, I'll unplug the phone, I'll get the kid to do your stuff.

And by the way, would you like a pot of coffee. And a bun, Hun?”

Now, that would surely make my day.

Based upon ideas gotten from the Newsletter for Authors . 16 June 2010

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And my friend  - the TV  - and the official Opposition. (who shall remain nameless)

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