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Heres a short story I just did. Hope you like it. :)
Grace’s story.

“Oh my gosh! Stop! That burns!” Gracie said yelled. She tried to pull her self away from him. She had actually forgotten his name by now. He was just a guy that she met, and had coffee with. Gracie screamed from all of the pain. It felt like someone just sent her to her own personal hell.
          He got off her and just left the bathroom that he dragged her too. But she was just so beautiful…. Gracie left her parents to run away. And now she thought of them. Gracie thought she really needs to get up and get her cell phone and call 911. But she couldn’t move. She felt tears go down her cheeks. She can’t scream. She was paralyzed. She was in a bath room in Oregon and no one knows where she is.
         The pain was so much. She felt herself burning. But she looked at her hand. Nope, it wasn’t on fire. Then she thought what kind of drug this was, that makes you burn, how could someone like this?
         Days went on and Gracie didn’t know what the day was. All she knew that the burning was starting to go away. First it was from her hands. Then her feet stopped burning. It was like it was rising to her mid section. She thought it was just going to go away. But it just stayed right at her heart and chest. Then it hurt was a lot more. Gracie would have gladly taken the burning from all of the body than this. Now she could scream but she didn’t. Gracie really wanted to. But it was just like she couldn’t talk.
         Then it just went away. But the problem was that her throat burned. Not as bad as before, but just that it can’t be put in the back of her head. Just like that the burning went away. She said her name. Her voice sounded so different. Faster and prettier in a way. She got up. It took like half a second. Gracie didn’t know why she could go fast. Gracie looked at her self in the mirror. She gasped. She was so different. Her eyes were red. Like cherry’s she thought. And then she noticed that she was pale white. More than pale white. Her cloths where a little bloodied. She walked out the door at human speed. Then she realized that days have passed. It was night time. The coffee shop was closed. Her bag was gone. She went out the back door, which was oddly unlocked.
         Wow people in Oregon really have trust in people. Gracie thought. She went around to the front. Aross the street was a clothes shop. She went to the back of the shop and opened the door. It snapped. It looks like she broke it. She went to the front of the store and got some clothes that fitted her. Then she went into the dressing rooms and put them on.
Gosh that burning is never going to go away. Gracie thought again. Then she heard someone in the back of the store. She froze. Gracie guessed that it was time for the store to open. Then she would stay here till people came and get out like she was here when the store opened. Then she started to dress again but very quietly. Gracie smelled the air. This was the first time she took a breath. And then Gracie’s throat was on fire again.  It was more than last time. Gracie didn’t know what she was doing. She was already dressed. And she ran at inhuman speed and she went for the manager. The manager didn’t see her coming. The manager was wearing something that was sold from the store. The manager was a girl and she was looking under the counter for something. Gracie went up behind her. Gracie couldn’t hear anything else anything but the pulse of the girl. Then she bit into the girl’s neck. Like she was a vampire. Gracie sucked until the girl was totally drained. Gracie stopped once she realized what she had done. She was shocked at herself. Gracie fell down on her butt and scooted toward the wall behind her, trying to get away from the dead body. Gracie then realized that she was a vampire.
She got up at inhuman speed and ran out of the front door. The alarm sounded. Gracie was pretty sure she left finger prints but the cops wouldn't know who she was. She ran up the street into the woods near the west side of town. Once she got out of the town she still didn’t stop she ran till she thought she was 50 miles away from them. Gracie gasped and fell down again. She was so shell shocked that she couldn’t think any more. The fire in her throat was still there. But it was easier to ignore. Then she thought to herself that she would go to Antarctica. And stave her self to death. So she got up, but Gracie still was shocked that she had killed someone. Gracie ran and ran. She didn’t breath the whole time because she was afraid that someone would be near and she couldn’t control herself.
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