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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Supernatural · #1683671
A calm girl subjected to torturous paranormal posession
She wanted to dream a dream, that finally made sense. To live a life, where possession never existed. She wanted to stop running from her terrifying imaginations. She wished people always believed, and accepted fake and denial, to the real and the truth.
She wished that the creator never made her like this, so different and venerable. Suffering every space of this world with a presence. And the fear on constant watching. She dreaded night, and new places. Her dislike for god was immense. She believed in no heaven, but empty space and the burring hell, t o close to our reality then it should be. She feared the devil and the demon eyes in every reflection that constantly waved the sense of evil, She's afraid of getting hurt
She feels the millions of blood freezing breaths, that are always lingering upon her face and shoulders. Every minute feels as though she's dipped in the Atlantic Ocean. She hears groans and ear piercing indescribable noises, when she's asleep, in the dark or awake. She feels them, she sees them, she hears them. She is The demon girl.
The sun was rising, and light peeked through the curtains, erasing the dark luminous shadows, that painted all the four walls. They were still there, but not visible. She stretched out with a sleepy yawn, and telepathically said her hellos to the unwelcomed visitors, and good morning to her followers. Then the usual 3 bangs on the wall would echo through the house, scaring the living daylights out of the awaked family. The demon girls mother, thought she was strange, her father never accepted her, her brother and sister were scared. But the truth was, she was a peaceful calm girl, disturbed in a torturous way, creating the lifeless, anxious person she is today.
She walked to her mirror, dreading the reflections she sees every time. Heart racing, panic arises. This is how it feels every morning. But without facing the reflections of her followers meant a day with paranormal torture. Holding her breath she looked at her pale face, like she has seen ghost. But wait?
She sighed, nothing was there, and she began brushing her long hair which could not be cut. Scissors, was such a object that she wouldn't near. Since possession could happened, anytime, any where, any day. She wasn't keen on risking. Then out of random, she heard a slow cracking noise, like ice, when it's breaking. She looked up into the mirror, and saw a slow movement of cracking in the reflection. Not again, not again, not again she thought and squeezed her eyes shut using all her strength to keep them shut. But power was strong, and forced them wide open, so that she had to stare into her reflection bearing back eyes like a demon, and a grin ready to punish. She couldn't blink, or pull away. Then she felt the force behind her head. And without warning. SMACK! In the mirror her head goes, multiple times SMACK! Blood lingered upon the cracked glass SMACK! She felt helpless and weak. SMACK! her mum raced into the room. In a daze the demon girl was forced against the floor. And then the force was gone. Her mother stood there, like feet stuck in cement. Unable to move, unable to speak. She was terrified to make any moment, let alone a single breath, since it was the first time she eye witness such cruelty to her daughter. The demon girl looked up at her mother, eyes full of fear, shaking uncontrollably. She screamed, and screamed, and screamed. As blood trickled out of the gashes on her forehead.
Her mother still stuck, terrified at what was happening, what could she do? Was this real? No it can't be. But this was real, as she heard the wails of her helpless daughter. Suddenly being revived she dived to rescue the demon girl.But as soon as her mother gripped the demons Girls cold ice arm, the girl, turned and grabbed her mother’s neck. But this wasn't the girl’s power, this was the demons. Her mother struggled, and gasped for air. The demon girl grinned as she saw her mother turn purple. Her mother struggled, and gasped for air. While trying to break free from the grip of the possessed child. Still, it was no use. And her body gave up, and fell limp to the floor. The demon girl, started straight ahead, and down at her evil deed. And let out a paranormal screech. And smashed the wall three times before entering the closet. This time it was The demon Girls father to enter the room, he dived to the floor to find it strangled wife dead on the floor. He looked around the empty room; nothing was there, but a scratching noise inside the closet. Terrified he walked over and slowly opened the door. Inside sat the demon girl, with scissors in her hand.
“Darling, what are you doing?” he whispered in a calm voice.
“Art” The demon girl grinned. And began cutting into the wall. The scratching noise was disturbing. And her father grabbed the scissors off her. She just sat there, before she sharply turned her head towards him.
“Why did you do that?” she stared, a bit louder this time. And tightly griped his hand, he tried to pull away, but was surprised by the strength, then without ease, she smashed him into the nearest wall, still staring ahead. Her father slid to the floor. She got up, stood up, and towered over the helpless body, before the demon girl finished off the Job. The simple crack of the neck. Who was next? She looked slowly around the room before she slowly made her way to the door. Brother? Where are you the demon within her growled? This, but he had already gone to school. By now the demon grew weak and weak, from lack of violence. Before he started to fade away, and the demon girl, gained back her strength from her trauma. Not again not again not again she thought, as she glided slowly to her room. An evil presence was felt from outside the door. And slowly, she grabbed the handle, twisted it, and peeked inside the room. There lay, two lifeless bodies, of innocent people. Her mother and Father.
Lying in between them, she asked. Why?

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