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Follow Vampire Mabel Bennett/ Caroline Williams as she struggles over her past and future.
Chapter 2: Hunting

         I feast on the blood of a young boy. The ally is dark for a human, and he never saw me coming. He is now limp in my arms, dead as a doorknob. I feel the warm, blood rushing through me, and I shutter. I remember the night. The night I died. I drop the boy.

         I weep without tears until I hear someone else in the ally, the boy’s mother. She smells divine, I shutter once more. She calls for the boy, Tyler. She’s panicking.

          “TYLER!” she yelping now on the verge of tears, “Where ARE…”  She stops and stares at where I dropped her son. Her eyes follow the trail of blood to where I crouch. She doesn’t get the chance to yell.

         My hand is covering him mouth, blocking the noise. Her face is wet, mascara running. I shake her, and she looks at me, full of fear. I stare into her wide eyes.

         “You don’t know what happened tonight. You figure it must have been an animal attack. You’ve never met me.” I use my Powers to persuade her, change her thoughts.

         She nods so I turn and jump the fence. I am a far ways away before she starts screaming. I use my superior hearing to hear the chaos. She already called 911 and another man joined her.

         I sit on a bench and moan, she's screaming like I was when I died. I sensed her fear in the ally and I felt like a monster, a Damon. I decide to go home before something bad happens.

         I sprint, invisible, to our apartment. Catherine is waiting for me when I return. I hear her in the room, pacing. I question whether or not I should run. Her steps don’t sound mad, I take a risk. I pull out my key and stick it into the lock. She opens it before me.

         “Caroline,” she looks upset, I should have run when I had the chance, “where have you been?”  She grabs my wrist and pulls me to the window. She points at the police cars and ambulances.

         “I erased the mother’s memory,” I tell her, “Made her think it was an animal attack, if she thinks it so will the cops.” I turn toward the kitchen.

         “Did you enjoy it?” she asks. I never do. I am the odd vampire the one who hates the kill, loathes the death. They were changed because of love; I was killed because of stupidity. I think that’s what makes me different, I was once the prey.

         “What do you think, Catherine?” I answer rudely.

         “I'm sorry, Caroline, but I thought by now you'd enjoy it like the rest of us.” She looks sad and I no that she is about to leave me alone, with my evil thoughts. She turns and sprints to the bathroom. I hear her slam the door and Catherine disappears out the bathroom window.

         Catherine Summers was my best friend. Unfortunately, she was short tempered, moody, and a little too optimistic at times. She taught me most of what I know and loves me like a sister. We shared a room since 1916 when I met her at a Circle meeting. There were only 4 when I became a member, now we have 7.

         May Spane was one of the first Circle members. She is a cruel, sneaky, vampire. I personally wish she had died during the Spanish Influenza but unfortunately, she was changed. She kills for kicks not caring about their blood just their pain. She is the meanest woman I have ever met in my 115 years.

         Alexander Blake was one of the first Circle members as well, and is nearly as cruel as May. He murdered the original Alexander Blake who was also a member of the Circle, and changed his name to show how powerful he was. I am waiting for the day he kills May.

         Lucy Duncan is the complete opposite of both Alexander and May. She is possibly the nicest, down to earth girl I have ever met. She swore to never hurt a human, animal or plant, and feeds from blood bags she steals from hospitals. She loves even the meanest of people and attempts to live a normal live. She attends High School and reads the Twilight Saga. She is the joke of the Circle but I love her all the more.

         James Webb came after me, and brought along Peter as well. James was only 15 when he was turned and when his brother, Peter, was dying, he changed him. Peter was James’s younger brother; he was changed at age 17. James is stuck as a fifteen year old and Peter is stuck at seventeen.

         All of them belonged, I was a nobody. I was dead, killed, unloved. I always thought I’d have everything I wanted, seeing as I was a rich, young, beautiful lady but Damon choose me, ruined me. I find myself thinking of revenge once more today so I decided to take a nap.

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