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by Abby
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A narrative poem. This is probably the poem I've worked the hardest on.
Esmeralda and her lover
Had a wedding on the sun.
This lover that I speak of
Knew she was his only one.

Esmeralda and her lover
Lived in the hills of green and gold.
Their souls were growing younger,
With their bodies growing old.

Esmeralda and her lover
Were blessed by the fertile soils.
The olives ripe and the tomatoes red,
They lived in the bounty of their spoils.


One day life turned,
Like the world always has done,
For Esmeralda and her lover learned
They would be blessed with a daughter or son.

The lover rushed to spread the news
Through the town in which he had grown.
Esmeralda and her lover received the boos
From the loveless and those alone.


A child half as beautiful as she
Would break the lover's heart.
Half Esmeralda, lovely and free,
The Child would be a piece of art.


After the olives were all but gone
And each tomato picked from the vine,
Esmeralda and her lover fawned
Over the baby without any life.

Had one more kiss or ounce of love
Been bestowed by the father or mother,
Perchance a Child would have been received
Pondered Esmeralda and her lover.


The townsfolk crudely hear in awe
A common misconception:
Esmeralda and her lover must have broken the law
With the child's life's prevention.

The olive trees were stripped to bare
And the fields were set on fire.
Esmeralda and her lover took care
To alert the village squire.

For Esmeralda help came too late;
Her hair was torn and her body raped.
Although her lover escaped this fate,
He planned to make his Final Escape.


Esmeralda and her Child
Had a cradle on the moon.
This Child that I speak of
Would meet her Father soon.
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