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Imagine God as a woman
                "This is kidnapping!" Lilith protested.
          Three faeries carried her on to the Conan O'Brien show.
          "Ah? I don't think this is legal." Conan looked over to his producer.
          The producer whispered in his ear and scampered back off camera.
          "OK! Soooo who are you little bug people?" Conan pressed on.
          Blinkin introduced herself and played a few notes on her flute.
          "Ehm. We're from Wales and the Ring of Kerry." Winkin took a bow,
          exposing her tiny white tush under her very favorite green moss skirt.
          The audience laughed. Winkin turned an angry gaze at them.
          Blinkin interceded and introduced Nod. Nod was wearing pants: he snitched
          from a potato sack.

                "Mr. O'Brien, we faeries have been ignored for too long.
                It's time we made our appearance again and with living proof
                of man kinds faery origins." Blinkin blew her flute and Lilith levitated
                over to Conan.

        Lilith was furious and pale as a ghost. "Get me down!" she shouted and kicked.
        "I.. think she should be put in a chair?" Conan responded nervously.
        Blinkin played two notes on her flute and Lilith dropped into the guess chair next to
        O'Brien. Lilith stood up and threw the chair at Blinkin.
        "Just calm down. Please?" Conan put his hand on Lilith's shoulder.
        He recoiled from an electric shock. "Jeeze!" he shook his hand from the numb pain.
        "You will behave." Blinkin scolded Lilith. Lilith bared her fangs and then sat down in her

              "Ehm.. Oh yes. I should explain. Lilith was Adam's first wife.
              She was too feisty for him. However, she is an example of the
              origin of the human race." Blinkin cleared her throat.
              She had a thick brogue.

              "So then, Mr. O'Brien. You can see her faery features?
              And she can work lighting magic. How is your hand?"
              Blinkin flew over to Conan to examine his hand.

        "This is a lot to absorb. Lilith. Do you have anything to say?" Conan looked at
        the dragon eyes glaring at him. Lilith smiled.
        "Have you noticed that I near a stitch of clothing on?" Lilith replied in a scotish
        brogue. "Oh? Ahhhh.. somebody get some clothes. Sorry." Conan blushed.

                "Fy nhafawd i draethu fy Marwand
                Handid o meinad gwrthgloddiad byd
                Pryd Prydain hu ysgein ymwhyliad
                Gwledig Net ynghenmadeu nam doad."
                Lilith recited as she slipped on her jeans and T-shirt.

        "Your speaking Gaelic?" Conan queeried. Lilith smiled and looked down at her
    T-shirt: "I love New York." She read and the audience applauded with cheers.
    "Is this your first visit to New York?" he pressed on. She gave a toothy smile,
    bearing her fangs. "I have walked the world. I was resting in the highlands."
    she answered and glared at Blinkin. Blinkin smiled, "I had rested for a long time."
    Conan rubbed the back of his head, "Well, then, your all rested. What can you
    tell me about faeries?"

                "In the garden of Eden. There were many creatures.
                Some were giant, some small. We were changelings:
                half faery and half beast. Blinkin was there. She played
                her flute." Lilith answered and reached for Blinkin.
                But, could not catch her.

    "Oh? That's hard to prove. But, you are remarkably weird." Conan scratched his beard.
    "What about the serpent?" he continued. Lilith laughed, "Another changeling. His name
    was Raush. He liked to slide over me."

    "Ok. Soooo what are your plans?" Conan looked at Lilith, then over to the faeries.
    "I will be meeting with the President to set a treaty on human and faery relations."
    Blinkin replied. Lilith made a wicked face, "There are forces at work in the world
    that no one can control." "Hmf! Humanity must treat the land and sea with respect.
    Gia is alive and Mia will not allow any more abuse!" Winkin spoke up.

    "Mia? Whose she?" Conan looked at Winkin.
    "Mi-a, the mother of all the living. Oh! You men are stupid!" Winkin snipped and
    made an angry face.

    "Sorry. I haven't studied.. ancient lore." Conan replied and the audience laughed.
    Lilith looked up at Blinkin, "You see? They don't believe you."
    Blinkin waved her flute high and the audience was transported to the Moon.
    "Hey! Are we ?" Conan got up out of his chair and walked about the lunar surface.
    He fell to his knees and scooped up moon dust.
    "Do you believe?" Blinkin asked.
    "I do." Conan replied.
    In a blink of an eye the audience and Conan were returned to the studio.
    Conan looked at the moon dust in his hands.

    The faeries and Lilith vanished.+
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