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A drunken brawl inside a tavern leads to a passionate encounter.

The scene - the Caribbean, the year 1670, the place Tortuga. You’re a member of a pirate crew sailing into the safe haven of Tortuga where you disembark for some down time and to tally your treasure. In one of the local taverns you imbibe heavily in joviality and wine, which leads to a brief yet erotic encounter with one or more amongst the palm trees.

The idea here not only to excite us with your erotica, but transport us back to that romantic era through your skill at description, and storytelling; make us believe.



“Ugly Jack,” yelled Captain Riley amidst ayes and claps.

Walking with the unsteady gait of the inebriated, a huge man reached the Captain’s makeshift desk and thumped down heavily upon the chair in front. Sitting alone at a corner table, smoking his clay pipe, Henry saw the fierce Riley stare at Jack with sheer distaste. Quickly dispensing Jack’s share of their latest pillage, Riley barked the next name while the men continued to cheer and toast. Henry surveyed sadly the scenes inside Caribe, the finest tavern in Tortuga, the drunken revelry failing to raise his depressed spirits.

“Seems ye scallywags landed big fish,” remarked a voice next to him.

Henry turned to see poker-faced Maggio, pirate turned owner of Caribe.

“Slaves,” responded Henry glumly.

Maggio whistled. "Poor Devils! Those strumpets yonder from the loot." Henry nodded.

Maggio scurried off to resolve a brawl leaving Henry to his thoughts. Henry slumped back in his chair, chewed upon a piece of salted fish and mulled over the events earlier that day when they had captured a vessel laden with slaves from the Gold Coast. The sensitive cargo made Riley divert the ship to Tortuga. The wretched creatures were sold as soon as they landed.

To reward his men, Riley allowed them to retain the prettier maids for their amusement. The idea was to enjoy them while in Tortuga and sell them before leaving. Now, those hapless women danced under duress to please their new masters.

The raunchy scenes depressed Henry further. For some inexplicable reasons, visions of his long dead wife floated before his eye. A fine lass she was, me Charlotte wit' her rosy cheeks 'n raven-black hair, he pondered. He hadn't thought of her for a long time and the sudden rush of nostalgia agitated him. From the corner of his eye, he saw Ugly Jack try to force himself upon a slender black girl.

Try as he may, Henry could not obliterate the images that plagued his mind; the faces of the frightened slaves when he had entered the hold, carrying his sword. Later, the crew had paraded those miserable creatures on the deck, touching and feeling the women like animals. It was then that Henry noticed her for the first time.

His heart had melted on seeing her petrified face. Her doe-eyes had pleaded with him for mercy. Her supple body and innocent face emphasized the tenderness of her age. Being the Quarter Master, he could have easily kept her for a few days. However, paralyzed by shyness, he could only gape with dismay when his bĂȘte noire Ugly Jack hoisted her on his shoulder and carried her away. Memories of her thrashing legs and pitiful screams continued to haunt him.

Pulling in a chest-full of rancid tobacco smoke, Henry saw Jack's arms around the same girl. Looking sad and lonely, she tried to shield her face from his kisses. Henry could contain himself no longer. "Let th lass be, Jack!" His whip like voice brought all the merrymaking to an abrupt halt.

The girl freed herself from Jack's grasp and scampered toward Henry.

"She me lass, Henry. Back off!" Jack advanced menacingly.

An exasperated Henry rose from his seat and landed a punch on Jack's face and a stream of blood and broken teeth sprung forth from his shattered jaw. Clutching his face, Jack collapsed to the floor, howling with pain. Henry marched out of the tavern in a huff, clutching the girl's arm. He didn't miss the smugness on Riley's face. Clearly, the Captain enjoyed Jack's humiliation.

Henry led the willing girl to the palm grove by the beach. After his wife's death many moons ago, a woman had made his heart thump for the first time. He leaned against a tree and gazed upon her sensuous, exotic face. A flannel blouse attempted vainly to conceal her abundant beauties. A tiny waist cloth guarded her private treasure. The silvery moonbeams reflected off her ebony body making her appear like a wingless fairy. His mind swarmed with tender emotions and he wanted to kiss her, but timidity got the better of him. Ignorance of each other's tongues served as a boon. It permitted the luxury of silence.

Her big, expressive eyes made him conscious of his appearance. He cringed at his unkempt hair and scarred face. As if reading his mind, she stretched her hand forward and her fingertips skated over the blemished skin of his tingling cheek. Instinctively, he nestled his face against her soft hand. She smiled for the first time, the uninhibited smile of a daughter of nature and all his resistance crumbled. He framed her face and kissed her full lips.

She was the only woman he had touched intimately after his beloved Charlotte. Though his body overwhelmed with need, he reined in his desire, determined to not do anything against her will. When he released her mouth, the vulnerability in her eyes made his heart weep.

Henry heard the sound of footsteps. He turned his head sharply just in time to detect the unmistakable silhouette of Jack duck behind a palm tree. The knowledge of his lustful gaze upon them heightened his excitement and he wrapped his arms around her. She laid her head on his chest and melted in his embrace. Her tender response proclaimed her willingness to surrender.

He disentangled from her and pointed a finger at himself, saying, "Henry."

She put a hand on her chest. "Ndola." Her melodious voice soothed his soul.

Slowly, Henry removed her blouse and loincloth and planted kisses on her long neck. Her body shuddered at his every touch. Enticed by her shapely breasts and black areolas, he fondled and sucked each one of them by turn. Her ardent sighs thrilled his ears and the feral muskiness of her sex pleased his nose. Most of all, his sharp ears detected the sound of Jack’s labored breaths.

Ndola's eyes swept over Henry’s gradually revealing nakedness as he fumbled with his waistcoat, doublet and breeches. His manhood sprang up like a ramrod, acknowledging her wholesome femininity. Her eyes sparkled at the sight of his engorged pink arousal. Henry laid her on the soft grass and positioned himself between her legs. He led her hand to his manhood. It twitched when her tentative fingers curled round its base and guided the swollen tip to her entrance.

Henry pushed, but met with surprising resistance from her vagina. Happiness coursed through his veins as he sensed the unmistakable contours of her virginal sheath. "Jack?" he questioned. The shake of her head lifted the burden from his conscience. The brave girl had escaped violation. He turned his head swiftly to catch Jack’s baleful stare. Henry’s chest swelled with pride. In his enemy’s presence, he would claim the very girl that his enemy craved.

Henry gently turned Ndola’s head so she could see Jack. Daring her tormentor with a scornful smile, she flung her arms around Henry’s neck as Henry thrust forcefully and ruptured her hymen. She shut her eyes and clenched her teeth. When she finally lifted her eyelids, her eyes were no longer of a girl, but of a woman in love. The couple kissed deeply, hearing Jack’s defeated footsteps fade away into the darkness. Fer anyone t' hurt her now has t' be o'er me dead body, Henry vowed and plunged his manhood deeper into her, savoring the clutch of her unyielding softness on every millimeter of his shaft. He knew at that moment that he had made a companion for life.

He rotated his pelvis and stretched her to the hilt. She moved her hips back and forth, responding to his every move. Neither his abstinence nor her inexperience prevented the two lovers from entering a sweet rhythm. Her body tightened signaling the onset of orgasm. The quivering of her aroused flesh released all his floodgates and he inundated her womb with his pent up seed. Spent, he pressed against her womanly curves, allowing the spasmodic convulsions of her vagina to squeeze him dry.


Standing on the deck, Riley waved at the couple on the harbor, as his ship sailed away from Tortuga. The fierce captain broke all conventions and allowed Henry to settle down with Ndola. Riley's only conditions were a pledge of secrecy and an oath that if Henry ever returned to piracy, he would only work for Riley. Henry knew that day would never come.

Henry put his ill-gotten wealth to good use. He bought Ndola's freedom, liberated the other slaves of her village and paid for their return passage. He also acquired a sugarcane plantation and named it Ndola's Paradise. Many of the freed slaves stayed back and obtained gainful employment on Ndola's Paradise. Ndola proved to be a loving, dutiful and fecund bride, filling Henry's life with warmth, happiness and children. While Ndola managed the plantation, Henry worked for the abolition of slavery. They remained fiercely devoted to each other for the remainder of their lives.

Word Count: 1495

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