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A symbol of liberty should not be desecrated.
Burn my flag and I'll burn your behind

There was once a Constitutional Amendment before the United States Senate to make it a crime to burn the American flag in protest. The bill passed the United States House of Representatives, and with strong Senate support was well on it's way to becoming law. That failed to happen!

There was opposition to the bill, especially from the American Civil Liberties Union, (ACLU). It was their contention that the Bill of Rights gives us the right to protest and to speak out publicly for or against issues, and to prevent flag burning by law is taking away that right.

I agree with them that a Constitutional Amendment is not necessary. Who knows how deep that can go? As a newspaper person, the freedom to speak out on controversial issues, to write what I want (so long as it's true and appropriate), to question the actions and opinions of others, especially people appointed or elected to government office, was my bread and butter. Without that right the news media would cease to exist, as we know it.

There are those who say if we make it a crime to burn the American Flag, we are forbidding their right to protest, going against their constitutional rights.

To me the fine line here is, burning the American flag. I agree with any American's right to protest, will stand behind them 100 percent. But, when it comes to desecrating a symbol that stands for our way of life, I draw the line.

A constitutional amendment…no! A law…yes!

Far too many VETERANS have given their lives in defense of that symbol and for what that symbol stands for… freedom, liberty, justice, and American sacrifice.

Fanatics are often seen burning that proud symbol before ignorant and radical masses. They know that when they burn the American Flag, they are saying to the world and to the United States, here's what we think of you, your country, your government, and your ideals.

The American military has steadfastly stood behind that great symbol for over two centuries. After a service member has given their last full measure of devotion, to be buried with the American Flag draped over their final resting-place, is the greatest honor a service member can receive.

Protest all you want, stand up and yell and scream and let the country and the world know you disagree with your government. Tell them when you think they're wrong. Demand full accounting for their actions, after all, its government for the people, from the approval of the people.


When you burn the flag you are saying that you disagree with every single belief that the flag stands for, every sacrifice made to preserve our way of life, and you're spitting into the face of every single American, especially those service members who have served proudly under that symbol.

The Flag represents the people, not the government. The government has no symbol without the people, for we are the government.

The flag is not just a piece of cloth with different colors on it, just as the Constitution is not just a piece of paper with a mass of words on it. The American Flag is the symbol of a proud people, with a proud past, and a glorious future.

For those who still want to desecrate the symbol of my people, burn my flag and I'll burn your behind.

America! Love it or leave it!

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